Although we recognize that often life’s success and failures are based on our decisions, we occasionally conclude that some are results from fate, luck, or belief in a stronger power. To this day, Rene Garza is unsure of which of those three was instrumental in this build. Nearly a decade ago, this south Texan attended his first lowrider car show and was intrigued by this automotive art form. “After leaving that show, I knew I had to be part of this” energetically states Rene. His artistic impression would be challenging, as his current canvas on wheels was a 2004 Ford F150. But soon after, and with a little help from his dad, kismet would soon change for this new lowrider enthusiast. “My dad asked if I could take his Cadillac Escalade to Orlie’s Tires and pick out some nice wheels” Rene continues, “I knew that only a set of 26″ custom wheels could give it the right look!” And he proudly delivered the fresh looking truck to his dad, which ended with a slight miscalculation in taste. The elder Garza emphasized that he did not like the look, and in alleviating the awkward tension, Rene jokingly suggested “why don’t we trade trucks?” and surprisingly his father agreed!

The trade for this 2004 Cadillac Escalade was the incentive needed in customizing this future show stopper. Rene immediately took the SUV to Fabian Villarreal at Kandy Kustoms for a “simple candy paint” to cruise the weekends down in “El Valle”. For those LRM readers that are familiar with the Candyman’s work, they certainly know that his creativity has never been limited to a “simple candy”, and this was no exception. “When I saw the paint job, I was ecstatic! Fabian had gone all out with multi graphics throughout the vehicle”. After the addition of a custom interior and accessories, El Mero Mero was soon the top contender in his class throughout the state. In 2006, with some nudging by the Candyman, it was time to see if this Texas sport utility was a true contender amongst the best at the LRM Las Vegas Super Show. The impressive result was the top place in the SUV Semi custom class and Best Truck Graphics.

After continued success at the following LRM Sin City finales, Rene decided to take this show winner to the next level. With only 80 days before the 2011 Super Show, Kandy Kustoms took the task of completing this frame off project. Working around the clock, Candyman and crew successfully completed the revamped Cadi and had “El Mero Mero II” displayed at the LRM Las Vegas event by showtime. “The nervousness never gets old; it’s as exciting today as back in 2006” highlights Garza. Paz, Tejas.

Tech Specs

“El Mero Mero II”

Owner: Rene Garza

Vehicle: 2004 Cadillac Escalade

City/State: McAllen, TX

Club: Rollerz Only

Body/ Paint: Body prep and custom work to include molded hood & fender wells, and shaved belly by Randy Rodriguez of Kandy Kustoms. Candyman sprayed the Sunrise Tangerine candy with a pearl and flake combination accented with pinstriping and gold leaf.

Engine/Chassis: Stock 5.3L.

Hydraulics: USA Motorsport installed a two-tank air suspension system controlled on a 10-switch box.

Interior: Candyman designed and painted the cabin custom look, with stitching by David’s Upholstery in Corpus Christi

Stereo: David Gutierrez of Victoria installed this Audiobahn system consisting of nine monitors, three 1000-watt amps, and six 12-inch subs housed in a custom box fabricated by Kandy Kustoms.

Mural: Candyman at Kandy Kustoms in Corpus Christi.

Engraving/ Plating: “Eazy” Garcia and Pulido Plating of Dallas.

Tires/ Wheels: 305/30R26 wrapped on Chrome Dub 6-spoke.

Special Thanks: Orlie’s Tire & Wheels, the Rollerz Only family, and especially my dad, Rene Sr.