2006 Harley Davidson Softtail Deluxe

Owner: Rick Ortega

Builder: Rick Ortega

Paint: Green candy flake by Soral at Wizards Custom, in Montebello, CA., patterns, leafing and pinstripiing by Danny D., out of Baldwin Park, CA

Wheels: 21-inch front, 16-inch rear

Modifications: Shaved and molded fenders, 36-inch fishtail exhaust, Platinum Air-Ride suspension, custom green leather seat by Henry’s Customs, in Azusa, CA., chrome by Universal Plating, Baldwin Park, CA., 18-inch ape hangers, billet floorboards, shifters and grips

Special thanks: I blame Audi Munoz. He rented me a bike in Laughlin and I got hooked on it. I came home that same week and got me a bike. I was interested in Tony Tapia’s bike of Chicano Connections and wanted something similar but still different enough. I love to ride and also like challenging myself to new builds to see how far I can go with them. Thanks to Audi, Soral the Wizard, Tony Tapia and John Herra.