Have you had your fill of our commemorative pictorials celebrating the 35 Year Anniversary of Lowrider Magazine yet? This July issue marks the completion of seven segments we have printed recognizing the “best of the best” of our favorite Lowrider memories since the magazine’s inception in 1977. Beginning with the January issue of 2012, we have printed two years’ worth of nostalgia in each issue within a 6-page feature and foldout. We’ve taken our time to truly honor the culture by picking the very best in photos, and when you actually sit down and pull out the old issues to select 150 images to insert in these special sections, it can actually take days to go through and relive some of those great moments and times in our lives. It’s hard not to get sentimental in wishing to go back in time to some of those iconic places and car shows from these different eras. Some of the greatest times, people, and baddest cars ever, are in these memorable pages and it makes you wonder what happened to them all! One look and you can see in their expressions that everyone was having the time of their lives as our culture was growing and developing. Everyone looks young and beautiful but where have most of them gone? You have to kind of hope that they pick up the magazine and see themselves all over again and that they show everyone around them now and say, “Look, that was me,” or “That was my car!” Even though 35 years of classic times seems long gone, for most of us, it seems like yesterday; especially when the styles and cars haven’t changed all that much! For those of you who say those were the greatest times ever, well now you have a little proof to show with each issue. We all wouldn’t be here if not for the times you see in these featured celebratory pages, but history does repeat itself, so remember that we are still living in some very precious times. Anyway, there will be another five issues left with these special sections, so let’s just enjoy and appreciate who we were then and who we are now, as we look into the remaining pages of Lowrider. Our culture is something we can all be proud of, so keep pushing forward out there as our commitment to Lowrider will always keep rolling until the wheels fall off.

This July issue also comes loaded with eight car features, including the newly crowned “Lowrider of the Year” and Cover Car; a machine with the notable name of “El Rey.” Congratulations also go out to Mario De Alba, Junior, as well as their family of artists, Elite car club, and friends for this great accomplishment!

Thee Imperials and the legacy that precedes and now follows them are featured in our very own “Car Club” segment. Check out this very strong and proud organization that has been instrumental to Lowriding for more than four decades. Thanks to their strong foundation and leadership values of Hall of Fame President and Lowrider Legend, Jesse Valadez, Imperials C.C., continues to blaze their own trail as they cruise into the future! With the help of their new leaders in Tomas and Junior, and the support of quite a few “old members” to help continue the legacy, this club keeps rolling, honoring those members who have passed on as of late. May they keep up their values and traditions in living up to the reputation they set for all Lowrider car clubs to follow.

We’ve already discussed the memories of Lowrider’s 35 Years, but we also pay tribute and respect to one car club’s leader in our “Image” series. Ray Carrillo is the President of the Techniques car club, a club that has been flying their proud plaques now for 40 years! As we hear Ray’s story and his fond memories of the club, we all need to pay our respects and express our gratitude to the dedication and devotion shown by the Techniques founders, officers, active members, past members, and families, who have supported the club’s commitment to tradition since their early days in ELA. The Techniques live by their name; which is defined as having an ability or skill in a particular field, and they execute this definition daily as they have lived to love Lowriding, making it a way of life for four decades.

Car Show lovers and car builders need to check out our annual three-day tour and coverage of the National Roadster show in Pomona, just to see the latest in good taste when it comes to car designs from fans of many different automotive cultures. You really can’t get enough of the different styles and looks of Rat Rods, Muscle Cars, Lead-sleds, Customs and more unless you visit the show yourself. If you can’t or just missed it, you can get a good taste through our special coverage of this featured show, and please don’t forget that there is a whole lot more of anything and everything you see here in Lowrider Magazine on our Website (LowriderMagazine.com.) The web content is endless with thousands of more pictures and stories from the world of Lowriding.

Well, it’s time to cruise on over and jump right into the August Issue of Lowrider, so I’ll be visiting with you guys in the next upcoming Editorial. Thanks so much for your continued patronage!

Remember, there is nothing like riding up in your car, parking it, laying it on the ground, and opening that door to hit that tilt! Especially a chromed and telescopic one that truly announces to the world, “I Did It.”

Joe Ray