The Art Of Change… And Some In House Redecorating

They say that change is always a good thing. So in the next few issues of Lowrider Arte Magazine, we will be creating a fresh and new look to our layouts as well as adding a few more departments. If any of our readers have any thoughts or changes they would like to see added to Arte, we would welcome your artistic perspectives. Please email with your thoughts, opinions or redecorating ideas of change that you would feel “your” Arte magazine could use.

In this issue of Lowrider Arte, we take a closer look at tattoo artist “Mr. Rich,” who started off tattooing people from his neighborhood from the side of his grandmothers house, to tattooing people all over the world now, as he travels about at different tattoo conventions. Just recently we spent one of our weekends attending and covering the Orange County Fairgrounds Musink Festival. The festival brought out a lot of well know and great tattoo artists from all over the land. We also paid a visit and sat down with a fairly unknown artist by the name of Daniel Esparza, who instills his persona and creativity to his style of the Day of the Dead artwork with a refreshingly new look of more vibrant colors.

Respectfully and in awe over the talent portrayed and exhibited in this magazine, I will visit with you all in our next issue! Thanks for your patronage.

Beto Mendoza