Our passions are often the result of direct influences of our upbringings and for Dino Trujillo of El Monte, CA, getting into the bike scene wasn’t really an option. In fact, it was more like fate, as his dad introduced him to motorcycles at a young age. “My dad always had Harleys and Lowriders. Growing up, I always knew I’d end up getting one,” explained Dino. That childhood dream finally came true when he got his first bike in high school, further stoking his builder’s fire at the age of 17. While that early exposure to the road inspired him, Dino took it to the next level later in life after purchasing his 2006 Road King from a friend at Hyevon Choppers. “A customer was building the bike and didn’t have the money to finish it, so I picked up the tab and finished the metal work, rims, chrome work and bought everything else,” Dino explains. “When I owned the Heritage, I noticed that a ton of people were building Lowrider style bikes and running spoke wheels. I wanted to go with more of a Bagger style.” The fusion of the two influences proved to be his biggest challenge. “I wanted to see if I could keep the Bagger look but add a Chicano style instead of a Lowrider feel with spokes.” The paint played a crucial role in separating his Road King from the crowd. “My dad and I came up with the scheme using the flake and colors. There are a lot of copper bikes with Aztec gold, but the Gama candy gold I went with is pretty rare.” In order to make the motor stand out, Dino also had it polished and diamond cut.

Dino finished up this magnificent bike in December and it made a proper debut at the Easyrider show in Anaheim CA. The bike didn’t disappoint either; the Road King took home the First Place honors for Modified Baggers. “Hyevon Choppers gets the credit for all the custom work done on my bike,” Dino says.

Dino’s future plans for the bike include adding a billet 23-inch wheel to the front in the same style. “The wheel is currently being made at Performance Machine. I’ll just need to rake out the front end and that should pretty much finish the bike,” Dino says with pride. Dino also has pride in his heritage, and attributes his cultural upbringing for helping to push him in his build. “I like how the biker scene has changed. As Chicanos we have helped to innovate with our own style. We took [our creativity] from Lowriders and put it into bikes. It makes me excited to see you guys putting out a magazine that caters to us. It’s a real blessing.”

2006 Harley Davidson Road King

Owner: Dino Trujillo

Builder: Hyevon Choppers

Paint: Candy Gama gold by Seth from Aggressive Design in Industry, CA.

Wheels: 21-inch front and 18-inch rear Performance Machine

Wheels: Avon tires

Modifications: Stretched gas tank, front and rear fenders, shaved rear lights

Thanks: Dino would like to give thanks to his pops, Dino Trujillo Sr., Malditos Motos in Irwindale, CA., Seth of Aggressive Designs, and Hyevon Choppers.