Ever since my first day as Editor of Lowrider Arte, I have been receiving artwork from all over the country and it comes in on a daily basis. It is great to see that so many talented people are out there and are interested in having their artwork published in our pages. As great as this is, it has caused a slight problem, the problem being that it can take up to a year for us to get to your art. Many have called with concerns of where their artwork is and when will they get it back. This is by far the number one concern that our readers have and we are currently developing a new method of handling everyone’s artwork in hopes of speeding up the return process. So please be patient with us as it may take months before we return your artwork, and rest assure that as long as you’ve included a self-stamped envelope with your submission, you will get it back.

In this issue, we catch up with the legendary David Gonzales to see how life is after the Homies. In the 90s, David had established an empire with his Homies characters. These characters started off as comic strip that can be traced as far back as the late 70s.

The long awaited feature on Fonzy is finally here. Fonzy left his mark in the lowrider scene by adding murals to countless show cars in the scene, and he is now leaving his next mark on the tattoo scene as well with his incredible talent.