As the son of one of the Bomb Brothers of Greeley, Colorado, nine-year-old Angel “Litoboy” Ramos has a lot to live up to. Most nine-year-olds are at a playground or playing video games, but Angel often finds himself in the garage, adding the finishing touches to his Lowrider bicycle. His father, Frank Ramos, knows quality and wanted his young son to learn responsibility as well as enjoy the Lowrider culture. They say the apple never falls far from the tree, and Angel has taken to his bike building hobby wholeheartedly, dedicating himself to creating something that both he and his father can be proud of.

Angel’s building career began with a ‘70s Schwinn “Paleta” bike that his father cut apart. A 26-inch beach cruiser body was molded onto it and a tank was added and insulated to keep temperatures cold. A custom air-ride suspension was added to set the bicycle apart from the others, using a Viair compressor and 3/8 valves which raises and drops the bike with one switch. Eighty-eight spoke baby Daytons were also added to maintain the Lowrider stance. Frank and his son, Angel, added an alligator seat, twisted pedals, and rearview mirrors to complete the body. Angel began the sanding process so his father could add his specialty; a House of Kolor Root Beer Brown Kandy over a Crimson Red basecoat.

Happily following in his father’s footsteps, Angel joined Majesty C.C. and puts his new custom bicycle to use throughout the neighborhood. “It’s a good way to keep Angel out of trouble and have him learn a business at his age,” Frank adds. “Winning car shows with his bike is just a bonus.” The Ramos boys wish to thank Majesty and all their friends and family that helped them reach their goal of a show-stopping bike with “El Paletero.”