In this issue we get a glimpse of many artists from different styles of artwork. As the years go by, Arte has been getting more artists interested in being in the magazine. One of the best things about Arte is that it looks at all types of art and individuals from all lifestyles. We try to cater to all the readers from beginners to full-blown artists.

With that being said, we introduce Susan Molina whose artwork is known as Vivid Dream because she uses some of the most vibrant colors in her artwork, which is mostly related to the Day Of The Dead theme.

In the same Day of the Dead theme, we have a chance to feature Gustavo Rimada. Gustavo’s journey in the armed forces landed him in Alaska, and being one of the few Mexican artists up North, his artwork was quickly recognized by global clothing companies, art collectors and tattoo shops.

We also take some time to do some charity work with the Ink For Life Crew in Ensenada, Baja California. Inked For Life held their first tattoo and music festival. This event caught the attention of many tattoo artists who helped raise money for the El Sauzal Orphanage.

In addition to many tattoo artists that we feature, we check out the artwork of one of the oldest tattoo artists who came from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Sergio and his shop, Tattootlan, are currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he shares and teaches the locals about his Mexican culture and heritage. Being one of the founding tattoo artists in Mexico, his journey to success is one-of-a-kind and inspiring.

Also, we get to see some amazing woodburning artwork on skateboards. For the first time, we show the work of Fernie Garcia that reveals some of his latest creations done in blank skate decks using woodburning tools.

In our Hotspot section, our friends at Smoking Mirrors Gallery host another successful art show displaying artwork from some of the best airbrush artists in the nation.

We hope you guys enjoy this issue! We are proud to say that Lowrider Arte is growing in many ways and our success is due to our readers and followers. So, keep those pencils sharp and send in your artwork to share with the world.

Edgar Hill
Arte Editor