The Lowrider Hall of Fame 2010 takes place September 11th, and this year’s Classic Class of Inductees includes Publishers, Editors, Hydraulic Technicians, Car Club Leaders, Iconic Lowriders, and a Memorial Tribute to a guy with a legacy for having a “Big” heart. Before we go down this special list of individuals, let’s just first acknowledge the fact that they are responsible in one way or another for inspiring us to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle with toggle switches mounted underneath the dash. Kicking things off is the Craftsmanship Honoree Andy Douglas, also credited for being the President of New Style Car Club in San Jose, CA in 1974. It was in this early time that this pioneer was immersed in burn marks from torches, oil all over his Parents’ driveway, and lines of cars forming down his street with drivers looking to get their cars lifted before the weekend. Thanks to these circumstances, he was forced to open up Andy’s Hydraulics. It should be noted that Andy was responsible for bringing military surplus hydraulic setups to the mass market, along with his own custom-designed D&H Red Cylinders. Later, he would own 8 more stores in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and even El Paso. If you’ve never heard of the name “Andy’s Hydraulics,” then you don’t have hydraulics, sorry.

Next on the honorees list will be the Visionary award recipient, Alberto Lopez, who worked for Lowrider Magazine and became its owner, kicking off the revival of LRM back in 1988. He is responsible for bringing us out of the dark ages, spreading the word about our culture worldwide, and thusly improving our collective image as Lowriders. Without Alberto, it’s safe to say you might not be reading this right now, so give credit and respect where it is due.

We also bestow Car Club Leadership Honors to the Viejitos Car Club representative “Crazy” George Luna. He’s known as “Crazy” for the amount of love he has for his family, his car club, and his extended chapters. The Viejitos Car Club has been around for decades, so this is long overdue. Congrats to George and the Viejitos family for this well deserved award, we are proud to see them rightfully acknowledged in the Hall Of Fame.

LRM is happy to include another of its inspirational leaders among the HOF ranks, this time in the form of Ralph Fuentes, Car Club Leader, Car Builder, and Lowrider Magazine Editor. It’s safe to say that those accomplishments would be lifetime aspirations for most enthusiasts, so it’s only fitting that he would receive the Lifetime Honor Award for his work. Ralph has certainly done his fair share of work for the movement, so we are proud to see him get recognized for all that he has contributed to our culture.

The final name on the list is the one who’s heart was the biggest, and though he now watches over all of his family, friends, and members of the Majestics from the skies above, “Big” Rich’s memories are everlasting. These memories will only continue to grow, along with his legacy, which is celebrated with this year’s Memorial Honor. No award can do justice for what a Lowrider like Rich has done for his community, but we hope that this tribute will at least acknowledge why he was so well loved. God Bless the Lowrider!

At this year’s 2010 Hall of Fame Award Ceremony, Lowrider will also be inducting the top Legendary, or Iconic cars into a category only known as “Masterpiece.” The Popular 1978 Cadillac known as “Brandy Madness,” owned by Mando Estrada from the Klique Car Club enters the HOF as the first Lowrider of the Year. The 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix with the stage name, “The Entertainer,” owned by Donald Zavala also engaged us all 30 years ago with its colorful blue magenta and lavender patterns, and the Lowrider “Truck of the Year” Award winner, Joe Fontanilla’s “Raw Deal,” was the Radical Truck that started up the Mini Truck Phenomenon on the center isles of the L.A. Super Show. All said and done, we have included the first three deserving and amazing vehicles into the HOF, and you can reminisce about these classic features through the pages of this October Issue. We can all argue from here on about the top 50 cars ever, so next year, the following top 3 will be decided by an online voting process,…can’t wait! And while I’m on the subject of “Masterpiece,” put on your Ray Bans and check out the paint job on the ’65 Impala cover car. Please notice that the patterns compliment the body style, and the colors compliment the Lowrider custom paint image!

The “Wolves from East L.A.” are howling in the Lowrider Greatest Hits music section. They are a Mexican-American Roots/Rock group, who’s music is influenced by Rock & Roll, Tex-Mex, Country, and R & B. These big dogs have been rocking since 1970, thanks to the fact that they have never left the neighborhood.

Until the next trip down the boulevard…

Joe Ray