It is widely believed that our parents become our greatest influence, and this theory is proven by the fact that many of us have chosen similar career paths to our parents within our adult lives. Danny Neri and his brothers follow this line of thinking, as they have all become automobile painters like their father John (Tony) Neri. Danny fondly reminisces about the childhood days he spent going to his father’s body shop, a place where he served as an unofficial apprentice, helping to sand and clean the cars. Danny’s father taught the Neri boys everything he knew about the auto body business, so it was only natural for them to follow in his footsteps. He also introduced them to the Lowrider Culture, as the Neri boys all adored his 1954 Chevy, which he had painted a candy apple red.

As Danny made the transition from child to teenager, he started to build Lowrider bicycles. He used his father’s shop to modify and paint his bikes, and he also started to attend shows in and around his hometown of Oxnard, California. Danny was a natural, and his efforts were rewarded quickly, as the young builder began collecting trophies at every show. One of Danny’s builds was even featured in the summer 1999 issue of Lowrider Bicycle Magazine. In between bike builds, Danny also built a 1967 Chevy Impala, which he proudly rolled the streets with and showed off on the weekends.

When it came time for his latest build, Danny wanted to build something more unique. As luck would have it, Danny found a 1935 Sky King tricycle at an antique swap meet in Ventura, California. Danny took the tricycle home and started going through the color swatches to find the perfect color. He knew he wanted a color and a theme that would stand out, so he decided on Pagan Gold over Silver Flake. Danny also decided on a Pirate theme for the build. Once he finished spraying the tricycle, Danny sent it to David Velasquez in Oxnard, California, for some pinstripping, which would help to accent the Sky King’s sheet metal. After David worked his magic, He then took the tricycle to Joe Montano, also of Oxnard, to add the Pirate-themed murals. Oxnard’s Robert’s Upholstery covered the seat and grips with Ostrich hide. To complete the build, Danny bought the mirrors, lights and antenna from Don Gollo’s Bike Shop. He etched the mirrors himself, and made his own custom Continental kit. Danny tasked Pacific Iron to cast the pedals and swords, and he then sent them out for chrome finishing, which really took the trike to the next level. Finally, Hernan’s Custom Engraving added some exquisite detail to the tricycle.

The build took Danny six months to complete, and once the tricycle was show ready, Danny took it to Lowrider Magazine’s 2009 San Bernardino show, and promptly took first place in his class. Danny also took first place at Lowrider Magazine’s 2009 Super Show in Las Vegas. Danny set a couple of goals when building “Lost Treasure”; one was to win a Lowrider Magazine show, and the other was to be featured in Lowrider Magazine. He accomplished both in a short amount of time, thanks to this amazing build.

Danny would like to thank his wife, Christina, and his children, Alan and Samantha, for supporting him and his hobby. He would like to dedicate this feature to his father, who taught him how to paint and introduced him to Lowriding. Great work, Danny!