Last October, at Lowrider Magazine’s 2008 Las Vegas Super Show, an eye-popping 1962 Schwinn Sting Ray tricycle, known as “Mexica”, was crowned the honorable title of “Trike of the Year”. The owner is 30-year-old Noah Gomez of La Puente, California.

Noah explains that his trike pays homage to the ancestors of today’s Chicanos, the Mexica people. Like a certified historian, Noah talks about how the Mexica people existed around the year of 1300 AD and were descendants of the Olmecas (2300 BC). These people had traveled southward into Anahuac, (the Valley of Mexico).

On one side of this immensely detailed trike, the dedication to the Mexica is apparent with the Aztec calendar and the Sun Stone. In the middle of the Sun Stone there is the “Nahui Ollin” which represent the four movements: Sun, Moon, Venus and the Stars.

On the other side of the trike, the Mayan calendar – a tool used by the Mayan Civilization – is visible. According to Noah, the infamous calendar is translated by many as the end of the world in the year of 2012. Noah disagrees by educating that the Mayan calendar says 2012 will not be the end of the world, but actually the start of a new world.

Regardless of the forecasted apocalypto, Noah’s vast education on Aztec history, encompassing three years of his time, and his own blood, sweat and tears went into the design of this beautiful trike. Meaningful details are found throughout this rolling masterpiece through body modifications, tribal designs, engraving and airbrushed murals.

The top of the front fork sports an air ride system installed by Lobo Hydraulics in Monrovia, California. Lil’ Manny over at Manny’s Bike Shop in Compton, California, did all the radical frame makeovers, including a total of eight modifications. He also went on to paint the trike’s body with a candy root beer brown finish. The famous Danny D from Baldwin Park, California, handled the fine lines of pinstripping while Rene of No Mercy Air sprayed some highly detailed airbrushed murals of Aztec warriors. Big Henry over at Henry’s Custom in Monrovia, California, put his upholstery skills to great wonders by choosing suede as the luxurious material to cover the banana seat and the 3-D rear loveseat in four different colors of brown. He also installed a Pioneer head unit, Sony 8-inch TV screen with DVD player, and a pair of 6×9-inch midrange speakers. Speedy over at Speedy Metal Finishing in Santa Fe Springs, California handled all the chrome and gold plating needs for Noah. A set of 20-inch custom cut rims and 20-inch white wall tires complete the rolling attire.

Noah’s creation is amazing, but he remains humble about it and gives big thanks to those who invested their talents into “Mexica”. He also thanks Wiro Air Brush, Mayazteca, and his girlfriend, Lorraine, for the help and support.