Sergio Rodriguez Jr. was better known as “Bird” to everyone that knew him. His nickname was given to him by his mother who says that he looked like a little bird that fell from his nest when he was born. Bird grew up in southern California and attended quite a few Lowrider Car Shows. He fell in love with the lowrider bike scene, and at the age of 16 he asked his dad for a lowrider bike as a Christmas present. A few years after getting his holiday bike from the swap meet, he started working at Stater Brothers market to make some extra cash. His goal was to save some money and team up with his dad, and together they would build his “stock” lowrider bike into a show qualifier.

The father and son team did whatever it took to customize the soon to be show bike. They took the bike to Xtreme Customs to spray on the paint scheme that included ghost graphics. When it came down to having the very best in murals, senior and junior had Fonzy airbrush a mixture of artwork from Birds favorite theme “Smile Now Cry Later”. Bird and his dad continued to upgrade the bike with twisted metal parts including the handlebars, forks, sissy bars, a continental kit, steering wheel, and pedals. Carlos Salas took on the intensive job of engraving the bike’s fenders, lights, crank and sprocket. The bike was named “Twisted Habit,” because most of the parts were made out of twisted metal. Speedy took care of the chrome and gold platting.

After the bike was finished, Bird joined his dad as a member of the Rollerz Only car club. After several attempts, they qualified to attend the Lowrider Super Show last October. Unfortunately for Bird, he had a tragic accident and he never made it to the show. His parents have decided to showcase the bike at car shows in his memory. The bike has won for best paint, best murals and best in class at several major shows. “Twisted Habit” now is a legendary lowrider bike, and Bird’s dad, Sergio, would like to extend his thanks to Bird’s mom, sister Nichole, brothers Steven and Nicholas, fianc Jamie and son little Sergio for being supportive in keeping Bird’s dream alive.