OwnerDee Dog

Vehicle’63 Chevy Impala Convertible

City/StateArtesia, California

This month we take a look at a masterpiece creation that was done by “Hollywood Fuzz” from Bowtie Connections in Artesia, California. The engine compartment of this ’63 Impala “Rags to Riches” was manufactured and put together in less than six months without cutting any corners, especially when it came to dressing up this machine with expensive chrome and polished parts. The engine compartment was fully restored, painted, and detailed to perfection. The original motor was replaced by a GM Performance 383 stroker that was prepared and painted to match the exterior paint of the car.

Fuzzy then started to add more components, like the Street and Performance chrome and serpentine belt system with a custom rear exit functioning A/C, and Street and Performance valve covers. The Edelblock Endurashine carburetor accents the intake manifold while a custom Walter Prospect chrome air cleaner houses the system. The ABS power brake electric booster gives the ’63 plenty of stopping power.

Next he wanted to make sure the car ran without overheating, so the engine was hooked up with a Mattson custom aluminum radiator. For the finishing touch, Igarashi, from Craps Hydraulics in Whittier, California, hard lined the entire engine compartment to give it a slick look. If you want your engine compartment to look as clean as this masterpiece ’63, hit up the guys at Bowtie Connections and ask Hollywood what they can do for you under the hood. If you want to see more on “Rags to Riches,” look for it to be featured in an upcoming issue of LRM.