Building lowrider cars has always been part of the Chicano heritage, especially on the West Coast. After many lowriders finish building their dream cars, they often start building something to match their cars. In many cases lowrider builders purchase motorcycles and customize them. Cub Tobias is one of the lowrider car owners who decided to purchase a Harley-Davidson after enjoying his ’39 Chevy Master DeLuxe for many years. The white walls, chrome, and style of his bike resemble the style of that bomb look.

Cub was born in Tijuana, Mexico, grew up in the city of South Glendale, California, and works for the Los Angeles School District as a roller operator. Because he grew up in a city that has a lot of Chicano and lowrider influence, he hung around people who owned lowriders. Back then it was cheap to purchase bombs because they weren’t in high demand. He says he was about 16 when his interest for lowriders began to grow.

When Cub was 18 he fell in love with bombs, especially after seeing a ’39 bomb cruising down San Fernando Road. A few years later, he fell in love with his wife, with whom he’s been married to for 29 years, and then two weeks after he got married he purchased a ’39 Chevy Master DeLuxe for $3,500.

Cub started to work on his bomb by going to swap meets and car shows and purchasing car parts and accessories for his project. The bomb got a new paintjob and was set up with a front and back airbag suspension system. He decided to go with airbags so that when he drove around town he’d have a nice smooth ride. The interior was reupholstered to its stock look with Mohair. It also houses some hard-to-find accessories, including a fan, flashlight, and traffic viewer.

After owning the bomb for about 26 years he decided to purchase a new ’06 Harley-Davidson Road King. The bike was immediately sent to Fineline Cycles, in Baldwin Park, California, where they chromed-out the engine and hooked it up with a custom Black Cherry paintjob. The bike was also hooked up with an airbag system to raise/lower to Cub’s riding pleasure. The bike was accessorized with an exhaust and OG Wire wheels that were wrapped with white walls and an all-new chrome front end.

It’s been over 29 years that Cub’s been enjoying his ’39; now he’s working on his next projects: a ’39 Chevy coupe and a ’54 Chevy four-door DeLuxe. Cub says he enjoys spending time with his family and cruising and relaxing with his friends from the Bomb Club. When he needs a little bit of alone time he likes to take his lowrider bomb-styled Harley out for a ride.