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OwnerCurtis “Bigg Cook” Corley

Vehicle’01 Lincoln Town Car, “Heaven 4 Life”

City/StateNorth Hollywood, California

ClubHeaven Car Club

This month we’re featuring Curtis “Bigg Cook” Corley’s setup, from North Hollywood, California. The back bumper setup on the Lincoln Town Car was built by Mac at Pro Hopper Hydraulics, in Van Nuys, California, and includes a custom powdercoated and chrome-plated hydraulic pump.

The car is lifted to its desired height with 8-inch cylinders in the front and 12-inch cylinders in the rear with the Adex dumps placed neatly within the custom-built, chromed-out battery rack. Curtis wanted to have a clean setup, so he had Mac do custom-bent hard-lines throughout the trunk to give it a slick, professional look. The battery racks house eight Optima batteries that power the system and then four switches control the movements of this “Bigg” Lincoln.

The sound system was taken to Carlos at Sound Connection, in Compton, California, to add some blasting tunes. It includes a custom-built box wrapped in suede that houses three Crossfire woofers controlled by an Alpine head unit and powered by two Crossfire amps. The video setup includes a Panasonic DVD player that’s displayed on two monitors also custom built into the trunk lid and covered in suede.

Curtis would like to thank his wife, Adrienne, and his kids, C.J. and Kennedy, Carlos at Sound Connection, and Mac at Pro Hopper.