El Invisible – 1987 Buick Regal

Because Putting In Overtime To Pay For The Work Can Make You Invisible To Your Friends And Family.

This was one of those projects that took a lot of overtime labor to make happen. Ricardo Alvarado purchased this car 12 years ago from the original owner. The initial plan was to just throw a quick paintjob on it, which Ricardo did early on when he painted it plain beige, but, like all things car-related, he wanted more. Once he decided to take the car further, it was a matter of getting the cash together to do it. This is also probably where the name El Invisible came in because he was putting in overtime to pay for the work, which can make you invisible to your friends and family. Between that and the fact that Ricardo lays hot asphalt in the even hotter California sun, made the taste even sweeter when cruising the car around and hitting shows.

The undercarriage received its fair share of chrome and paint, with the belly being patterned out in three or four different colors of pearl paint. Much of the undercarriage and exhaust was dipped in chrome, adding some bling to play off of the painted belly. The engine compartment received the same treatment, with an abundance of patterns and pinstriping. The motor itself remained stock but has quite a few chrome parts for the show crowd. Moving to the trunk, he took a slightly softer approach and went for vinyl-covered battery covers, subwoofer pods, and an amp in the trunk floor covered by plexiglass. The raised B and R on the battery covers coincide with the vanity license plate that reads “BAD87BR,” all of which tie into the sumptuous interior compartment.

Covered in a cream vinyl, the dash, seats, and door panels all meld together for a comfortable cruise. Look up and you’ll find a headliner covered in suede to further enhance the cozy feeling. It’s taken four years to get the car in its current state, but Ricardo says that every hour of overtime and every drop of sweat was worth it.

As soon as the car was completed two years ago, Ricardo became a member of the One Bad Creation Car Club. He’s been good friends with Cleto Sanchez, owner of our Oct. ’08 center car “Black Widow,” for years and liked the club.

Ricardo says that he’s done with the car at this point and is already on the lookout for a ’62 or ’65 Impala SS convertible. Although, there is one thing you can bet-while he’s trying to find one of those cars, he’s going to enjoy driving and being seen in El Invisible.

El InvisibleOwner: Ricardo AlvaradoVehicle: ’87 Buick RegalCity/State: Reseda, CaliforniaClub: One Bad Creation

Engine/Drivetrain: The ’87 original V-6 motor was color matched, along with the alternator, distributor, air cleaner, and A/C compressor. Various parts were chromed and polished by Tony Olivares at Ace Plating and Polishing in Van Nuys, California.

Body/Paint: Ricardo Munoz, at RM Customs in Reseda, did the bodywork and paint. Rick Grindle, of Reseda, laid down the pinstriping, and Andre Hampton, from Sketch’s Airbrush in Reseda, airbrushed the murals. The girls in bikinis were painted in a matching pearl for a “ghost mural” look.

Interior: The interior complements the exterior with its beige vinyl-covered seats, doors, and dash. Overhead is a suede headliner that completes the interior components.

Sound System: A Pioneer head unit resides in the dash and in the trunk are Punch and MTX amps. The Punch amp powers two Punch 10-inch subwoofers, one in each corner of the trunk, and is covered with vinyl. The install was performed by Galaxy Auto Sound in Northridge, California.

Setup: Two pumps from Pro Hopper anchored the setup. Six switches and six batteries control the fluid and supply power to the pumps. Leo, of Majestics Car Club, and fellow One Bad Creation Club member, Cleto, installed the system.

Tires: P155/80R13 radial

Wheels: 13×7