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Owner”G” Kalsi

Vehicle’98 Lincoln Town Car, “The West Coast Classic”

City/StateSurrey, British Columbia, Canada

ClubLuxurious C. C.

The setup on this Lincoln Town Car was designed by owner “G” Kalsi, although he credits the fabrication of it to Steve Vogel of Bellingham, Washington. It has two Pro Hopper pumps with number eight gears and G-Force pump heads, 6-inch cylinders in the front, and 8-inch in the rear controlled by three switches. The tanks were color matched by Rudy Niedermeiser and pinstriped by Brad “360” Erickson. All of the Italian dumps and slow downs were hidden from sight. The hard-lines connect the cylinders and pressure gauges, which are formed around the fully functioning spare-a 14×7 OG Wire wheel chrome-plated by Action Plating in Surrey, British Columbia.

Six Centennial Group 31 batteries are hidden under a Plexiglas window wrapped in black ostrich and vinyl trim. G built and installed the sound system himself; fellow club member Chad Tiberghien helped with the wiring. It features two 12-inch Cerwin-Vega subs mounted on 3/4-inch Plexiglas. This allows a view of the inside of the sub boxes, which are also wrapped in black ostrich. Six white LED bars are hidden in various locations to lighten the trunk area. All in all he says it took about three weeks to complete.

“I’d like to say thanks to Neighbourhood Auto, where I have worked for the past eight years, for allowing me to use the shop at my leisure to build everything for this car and many others,” G says. “Extra special thanks to my wife, Indra, for putting up with me because she was pregnant when I was building this car. She even allowed me to go to the Portland Lowrider Magazine Show, where my setup was pictured, even though it was very close to her due date with our first child.” (Two weeks later his daughter, Keira Lee, was born.)