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Q: My ex is crazy, but I can’t stop having sex with her. It is so good. How do I get over her?A: Ya know, I’ve been in this situation more than once, and what always ends up happening is, I realize that the sex really wasn’t that good, and my new pappi does it to me better, and I don’t have to deal with all that drama. So basically what I’m saying is, replace that crazy chick. There are a million other chicas who got that “fire” that are willing to give you a chance. Move on. Trust me, the drama ain’t worth it.

Q: How do I know when I have a “sancha”?A: Ha, ha, let me explain to you first what a “sancha” is. A sancha is your other woman, your #2, when the wifey is acting up, your sancha is the one who makes you forget about it. When your #1 is too tired to give you a little special attention, your sancha is waiting and ready to fulfill every dirty fantasy you’ve ever had. Your sancha, you can actually send home at night. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, congratulations, you have a sancha!

Q: I’m in love with a stripper, but I don’t know if I can trust her. What should I do?A: Suck it up, and stop worrying so much. If ya girl is a ho, she gonna be a ho whether or not she’s a stripper. If your girl has been acting suspicious, that’s one thing, but if she was up front about what she does, is treating you right, and giving you that good loving, what are you worried about? Don’t judge her for making money. If you really love her, then you should trust her until she does something to make you not trust her. If you can’t trust her just because of her job, then I guess you never should have fell in love with a stripper.

Q: How do I get a girl to have sex with me on the first night?A: The best way to get a girl to sleep with you on the first night is to make her feel important. I know it sounds simple, but most girls don’t have sex with a guy on the first night just because they don’t want to be labeled a ho, but if you make them feel like they’re more than that, the panties will fall.

Q: Every girl I have been with complains that it hurts because I am too big. They are properly moisturized, what’s the problem?A: Well, you’re working with a monster. You have to ease ya way into things, take it slow, and oh yeah, lots and lots of foreplay. Now it still may hurt the girl a little bit the first couple of times, but eventually she’ll get used to it, and I promise she will realize that a little bit of pain for a couple of days is worth a lifetime of pleasure.

Q: I got a thing for my homegirl. How do I let her know?A: If you guys are really friends, this should be the easiest thing to do. friends of the opposite sex always have a little bit of sexual tension, but the main thing you gotta do with a homegirl is go slow. Don’t tell her that you got a thing for her; show her. Do little nice things like complementing her, and back rubs, and let it just happen. The worse thing you can do is make a big deal about how much you like her, or tell her how she has the worst taste in guys, because that usually ends up making her mad, then both of you uncomfortable. So just go slow, and when the mood feels right, make a move.

Q: Every girl I have been with has ended up being a ho. How do I tell the difference between a ho and a housewife?A: I know that some people think it’s wrong, but I think the best way to test if your girl is a ho is the friend test. Get one of your friends to try and holla at ya girl. If she doesn’t instantly start yelling at your homeboy, then run to you and tell you how much of an ass your friend is, then she definitely ain’t the one to take home to momma.

Q: I really like to be choked during sex, but I can’t find any women who will do it. Do you have any suggestions?A: I don’t know where you’re looking, or how you’re asking for this, but however you’re doing it, you’re doing it wrong. Women are only as freaky as their man lets them be, so you gotta open your mouth and tell your women what you want! The next time you’re doing ya thing, just grab ya lady’s hands, put them around your neck, and tell her exactly how you want it. If this doesn’t work, then you just gotta find another lady who’s willing to please her man. Trust me, it’s not that hard, and there are plenty of women out there who are willing to do a lot more than that.

Q: All my friends think I’m weird because I have a closet full of porn. Is this normal?A: I don’t know. I know a lot of guys who have porn, but not a closet full of it. It kinda sounds to me like you need to touch on something other than yourself. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with watching pornos. I actually enjoy pornos, and my man loves it when I watch them with him, but it just seems sad when a man has that much porn, and no one to share it with. I hope you’re at least taking notes from all these pornos, so when you do get a girl, you’ll blow her back out, but until then, please don’t show anyone else your collection; it’s a huge turn-off!