OwnerJuan Chavoya

Vehicle’84 Olds Cutlass, “Twister”

City/StateFresno, California

Don’t get it twisted, Juan Chavoya is no stranger to the hydraulic world, having been competing in hydraulic competitions for a few years now. Juan got his start back in ’97 after being exposed to the legendary “Joker” from Red’s Hydraulics along with “El Chingon” and the other cars that competed on the Lowrider Tours during the ’90s. Juan bought his first setup from Red’s and installed it in his first Cutlass. As he got better at the switches, he was sponsored by Hi-Low Hydraulics and ShowTime Hydraulics, and now he’s producing his own hydraulic line in tribute to his “Twister,” which can be purchased at his shop, Twisted Hydro Sports in Fresno, California.

Juan’s niche has always been car dancing as dancers are harder to operate than regular car hoppers. But, with car dancers taking so much more abuse, their life span is a lot shorter. You’re lucky if you get more than a year out of a dancer before she breaks down. This time around, Juan started off with an ’84 Cutlass that was completely gutted and set up for car dancing. Juan installed his patent pending Twisted Hydraulics Line with a mixture of air and fluid that allows the car to perform with aggressive power. With four Twisted pumps and 12 batteries distributed evenly, the car is set up to perform. Juan installed 8-inch cylinders all of the way around and 3-ton coils that allow the Cutlass to move off of the ground.

We asked Juan what plans were next for Twister and his answer was, “None, but to fix it and have it ready for the next show so I can give a good performance for the fans who come see us out there.” Keep up the good work and make sure that you don’t “Go For Broke” doing what you love to do.

If you have a hydraulics setup that hits back bumper or is making you “go for broke,” e-mail some images along with basic information to: saul.vargas@sourceinterlink.com.