It’s been said that lowriding is a family affair. Fifteen-year-old Mark Castro is caught up in that affair and his bike “Wizard style 2” is the child born from it. Mark is walking in the footsteps of his older brothers and he started building his “love child” of lowriding from a 2000 Aztlan Cruiser. The bodywork was taken care of by Carlos Q at Los Customs in houston, Texas. Magical tribal stylings are found throughout the bike.

The tank was cut out in tribal patterns and molded into the frame. The classic front and rear fenders received a similar treatment in addition to skirts. All of these custom treatments gel together to bring the Wizard’s slight of hand into plain view.

All of these parts were given a healthy dose of candy purple paint, with flake thrown in for good measure. sic 713 of houston took care of the paint and pinstriping that accent the cut-out patterns. The chrome seat pan also found itself under the spell of the pinstriping brush. bending and twisting metal is many a wizards’ specialty. Twisted metal forms the handlebars, steering wheel, front fork and sissy bar. All of the custom parts were plated by Centex Plating in Austin, Texas, to add a flossy element to the Wizard. The 144-spoke Fantasy wheels are laced up with Lowrider tires.

With two years of building prowess under his belt, Mark is far from being done with this bike and considers it a work in progress. Lifelong dedication is what young Mark says he has for this sport. With the help of his brothers, his Mom and his extended family, Legions bike Club, we’re sure that this “wizard” will have many more magical moments to come.