Pick up the laid-out chrome parts from the livingroom floor and make room for the holiday tree. Bring on the turkey, tamales, family, friends and gift exchanges! Yes, it’s that time of year again, the time when the side money that we planned on using for our project ride is instead used for emergency holiday festivities. No cruising skirts, no N.O.S. moldings, and no Super Sport consoles in the stocking. Instead, maybe a pedal-scrapin’ lowrider bike for the kids?

Being that this December issue is our final one of the year, we decided to save the best for last and we present Michael Tovar’s slammed “Wanted ’37” Chevrolet convertible. This collectible is sub-framed and slammed to the floor. The question being raised is, “Doesn’t a rare classic vehicle lose value when hydraulics are installed?” Well, for one thing, it’s no longer a Chevrolet-built vehicle; this priceless candy red sled was rebuilt by Michael Tovar!

You personify your ride when you lift it. You take on responsibility and possession. It doesn’t belong to the automaker; it now has your name on it and was built expressly for your taste and no one else’s. Be sure to check out Michael’s ’37 beauty very carefully. Detail and perfection are noticeable from the rumble seat to the Plexiglas-type steering wheel. I’m sure that this rebuilt classic will be on everybody’s wish list!

And for all of you Cutty lovers, please enjoy this month’s centerfold feature car, the wild green machine called “Bubblicious.” Owner Tim McIntyre from Arizona’s Sophisticated Few Car Club really burst a few bubbles with this ’85 Olds Cutlass.

Lowrider Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Tour recently arrived in Houston, Texas. No problem there! There were five halls full of quality and quantity rides from all over the map paying a visit to the central part of the Lowrider Nation. As you can witness from the coverage of this spectacular car show event, the heartbeat of lowriding is strong and gearing up for another attack.

Also, we’re now presenting Lowrider Garage, a new format that we’ll be continuing in the upcoming year. Lowrider Garage will help you build your next low ride, from frame-off to the last molding and even some trick body modifications. This collection of technical articles and departments will show you how to build the complete lowrider from start to finish, hands on for half the price. That way, you can build two lowriders!

Lowrider Magazine will soon be covering the annual SEMA show sponsored by Toyota, who will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary in Las Vegas. This show will have all of the greatest of the latest products for your ride’s cosmetics and performance, as well as the debut of Toyota’s ’07 Camry project exclusively built by Lowrider Magazine.

On behalf of the entire staff at Lowrider Magazine, I would like to wish you a very happy customized lowrider Christmas!