DumpSJerry Cunningham rode in to the Houston, Texas, Tour stop all of the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to break out his “Strictly Street” ’58 Impala. Jerry put this car together over a few years’ time. Like most of us, he was on a budget, but he wouldn’t sacrifice quality for time. Two years later, this ’58 is looking great and it features an old school hydro setup that we’re focusing on today.

The setup was built and installed by one of the “godfathers of lowriding,” Ted Wells, and it features a pair of Pesco pumps (also known as 777s and “baby roosters”). These vintage aircraft pumps are fitted with three oil filters, three zig-zags, three #8 OG Parker check valves, and two #8 Hydro-Aire valves. To level out the setup, an equalizer was used for the rear, which serves as a check valve and allows the car to stay stable.

To feed the hydraulic system, two oxygen tanks were modified to allow the oil to be poured and to serve as a reservoir for the hydraulic fluids. Leon Montoya did all of the welding that was needed on the setup. Ted Wells assembled the pumps and painted them to match the exterior of the car.

All in all, this is a good-looking setup that came together nicely for Jerry, who clearly benefitted from Ted Wells’ expertise. This classic hydraulic setup is definitely worthy of the streets or the show. Keep up the good work, Jerry, and we hope to see more of you Oklahoma lowriders next year.

BumpSAndy De Marco really wanted to be different with his hydraulics, but he couldn’t find anyone in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to get the job done. Andy had to drive 75 miles to Denver, where he stopped at the oldest hydraulic store in the Rocky Mountain region, Robert’s Tire & Wheel, so that they could hook up the trunk.

Financing the entire project on an income tax return budget, Andy gave Robert’s Tire & Wheel the green light and little Robert Morales jumped on the design and installation of the hydraulic and audio gear. The setup consists of two hard-lined Black Magic pumps.

The audio system incorporates two 12-inch Thunder 5512 subwoofers that were installed for bass in a custom box that was wrapped in suede to match the Lincoln‘s interior. The woofers are powered by a Thunder Elite TE 801D amplifier and the four midrange speakers are powered by a Thunder TE 1004. Both amplifiers are hidden behind a Plexiglas mirror.

Working after the shop’s regular business hours, Robert tied up this happy marriage of hydraulics and audio in one month. We can’t wait to see this Colorado car once it’s complete and showing on the lowrider circuit.

If you have a trunk that you think is worthy of a spotlight in our Dumps & Bumps section, feel free to e-mail photos and basic information to: saul.vargas@primedia.com.