Having been riding since he was 15 years old, “Switchman” is no stranger to the game and he’s always ready to pull out his ride and show people what he’s got. Switchman loves to ride in comfort. That’s why he recently built another Lincoln. This isn’t his first hopper and definitely won’t be his last.

This ’96 Town Car was built as a driver and Switchman loves to get in it and go. He also loves the fact that he can turn on his A/C and roll with the luxury of a newer car while keeping it traditional and riding in an American-made classic. With 10 batteries and an Adex dump to the single pump, Switchman’s been tearing up the street scene, showing that you don’t need all of them pumps to the nose up. Switchman picked up his setup at Pitbull Hydraulics and Kool Aid Hydraulics.

Even though Switchman is being featured with his Lincoln, he hasn’t abandoned his lowriding roots and he’s currently building a glasshouse for the show circuit. He chose a glasshouse as he has plenty of parts for those ’71-’73 Chevy Impalas. After that, we’ll have to see if this second Lincoln experience will convert him into a Ford man exclusively or will he remain true to his Chevy roots.