Each month in “From the Hood” we bring you one of the sport’s hottest-looking engine compartments. This section highlights an engine that’s been customized and hooked up with performance parts as well as cosmetic components. From The Hood is broken down to include performance parts, pulleys and brackets, engine compartments, induction and ignition systems.

This month, we feature a very nice convertible that we spotted at our recent Tour event in Houston, Texas. Individuals C.C. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were in the house at Houston and one of their cooler cars was this ’74 Chevrolet Caprice convertible, “Secret Garden,” owned by Dino Williams of Tulsa.

The factory 400-c.i.d. engine block in the Caprice was built up with a mild cam to handle the Edelbrock dual 4-bbl. intake and carburetor combination that was put together by John Brown. The small-block was completely painted in matching purple paint and dressed up with Billet Specialties accessories. The engine also received ball-milled valve covers and wire looms, and a serpentine combo kit to handle the A/C and power steering. Ceramic-coated mid-length headers allow the engine to breathe. The headers can be heard through a Flowmaster exhaust system.

The engine compartment was painted to match the exterior of the vehicle, and received a touch of chrome in the form of a new performance master cylinder and booster from Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories. The fenderwells were dipped at the chrome shop and the engine was wired with custom 1-gauge wire.

This great-looking Caprice is putting it down for Individuals C.C. and Tulsa. Don’t be surprised to see the rest of this beautiful convertible in an upcoming issue of LRM. Good job, Dino. If you feel that you have an engine worthy of our From The Hood section feel free to contact us at saul.vargas@primedia.com.