With a build time of one year, Gilbert Luna transformed his ’06 Harley-Davidson V-Twin into a cruising machine that even Harley engineers would envy. His bike, which he calls “Luna Azul” (“Blue Moon”), squats low and tucks a mean 21-inch, 80-spoke rim thanks to a set of Hi-Lo airbags and low-profile tires which were installed over at Road Dogs in Santa Fe Springs, California.

While there, the bike also received a manicure and underwent some illustrious pinstriping, which was done by “Son-Dog.” The blue and white motif truly defines the bike’s natural curves while also offering a timeless look that’ll be good for decades to come.

The bike’s rugged stature is owed not only to its suspension setup, but also to the wheels. Gilbert’s got a 21-inch wheel up front, while the rear tucks a 16-inch wheel sporting a stock tire. One quick glance at the bike will reveal a barrage of custom parts, including beach bars, toolbox, chrome front forks and, of course, a detail job like no other.

Gilbert is no stranger to customizing, and, as a member of Memories of El Monte, he’s got a history that includes a countless amount of custom cars, including a heavy passion for Chevys. He’s done ’39, ’51 and ’53 Chevys, as well as a ’64 Impala convertible, but his first encounter with bikes had him hooked. It was the power and instant torque at the tip of his fingers that did it.

As with any great bike or car, it’s never built alone, and Gilbert would like to thank “My family, ‘Sawed-off’ and the dudes from SFV for the encouragement.” Aside from the bike, Gilbert’s also got a ’42 Chevy Town Sedan that he’s working on, and with a V-Twin this beautiful, we can already tell that this bomb will have the streets talkin’ and competitors twisted with panic and fear. According to Gilbert, “The bombas are in the blood,” and, for anyone who’s into lowriding, he’ll be the first to let you know that, “You already know what I’m talking about.”