Anthony Johnson was just like many other 16-year-olds when he built his first trike, complete with a CD player. Anthony has been in Tiempos Locos Car and Bike Club for six years now. For Anthony, like many other kids, being in a bike club helped keep him out of trouble. Building the bikes was a creative outlet for Anthony, whose job now consists of doing paint and hydraulics on cars.

With its twisted chrome parts and alligator seat, Anthony’s tricycle was well on its way. Where Anthony really got down with it was on the custom-built frame and fiberglass box. Anthony made the frame happen using squares on the seat post tube and bottom frame tube to break up the normal shape. The box received a fair share of time with adverse paint reactions causing Anthony to paint it more than once. The addition of the Louis Vuitton designer theme set it off.

The box features four 6×9 six-way Pioneer speakers. An Alpine head unit with a 7-inch motorized screen powers those speakers. Underneath the Alpine unit is a DVD player, which makes showing the trike just a bit easier and gives the spectators something to watch. Anthony wanted to build a trike that would get second and third looks, and we’d have to say that he accomplished that. Simple and stylish with just enough bells and whistles that Louis Vuitton himself would be proud.