With more than 1,000 car clubs and chapters mapped out all over the world, Lowrider Magazine would like to report that the scene is “all the way live.” But considering the numbers that we just mentioned, it makes this occasion-and this issue-a special one as we spotlight the Lowrider Club of the Year, Rollerz Only C.C.

Hard work and paying dues are nothing compared to the Rollerz Only quest. As a club, they’ve snagged the title three times already! To accomplish a venture like that takes discipline, dedication and representation beyond belief. The Rollerz worked hard at what they do and it’s paid off so we’d like to congratulate them for reppin’ as hard as they do.

Just recently, the 2007 Lowrider Tour visited San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium and the ocean weather brought with it a cool breeze and sunny skies that helped bring out the color of not only the show cars but also the spectators. The vibrancy of the paint jobs had all eyes glued on the rides and there was a style, mod and car suited for everyone. So go ahead and check out the San Diego show coverage and find out why we wish you were there.

The Lowrider Hall of Fame Nomination Committee recently got together to create a new “special” award, one to be included in this year’s Lowrider Hall of Fame induction format. This award will recognize individuals who have passed away and left strong legacies behind. This new Memorial Honor will be presented this year to Joey Abeyta, Jr., a past leader of Groupe Car Club.. Joey was a personal friend of mine who dedicated much of his life to a very well-established car club.

This year’s Lowrider Hall of Fame ceremonial celebration will also honor other pioneers who have paved the way for the Lowrider Movement to thrive. Leadership, Craftsmanship and Lifetime Contributor awards will be given to our new 2007 inductees, who also, along with their pass into the Hall, will receive rings in honor of their accomplishments. The big night is October 20 at the Doubletree Inn in Anaheim, California. Get your tickets, represent, pay your respects, and celebrate!

Also in this issue we take a look into the history of the unique front “clips” and grilles that have helped individualize vehicles throughout the years. And there’s a great article on how not to lose your cool while cruising in your ride, and we’re not talking about “road rage.”

“Us” and “Them”And let’s not forget about our soldiers out there. It’s nice to just go home, wax the car and charge the batteries. That’s us. Our military guys live and die to give us that freedom. That’s them.Joe Ray