The first show that I attended as the Editor of Lowrider Magazine saw clouds, and seven hours of rain and chaos, but after being there first-hand to see the turnout, I was not only amazed but impressed with the loyalty of our extended family. We had more than 600 show cars, 15,000+ fans and enough vendors and entertainment to keep even those with ADD occupied. But even through the rain and miserable weather, we still had spectators waiting in line and coming through the gates at 4 p.m. Regardless of how bad the weather was, the fans stayed loyal and the show was still a success. I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the cause.

You see, I’m a dead-serious type of lowrider dude who believes in the lowrider culture and everything (and everyone) in it. And while the rain may have ended, the reign of lowrider supremacy is far from an end. I believe in the entire movement, and I eat and breathe this stuff. As the new Editor, I know that Primedia believes in me and I’m willing to put it all on the line in an effort to honor, respect and cherish the scene, the quality of the magazine as well as all of the enthusiasts involved.

I’ve got a “revival” game plan that’s about to take effect and slowly but surely you’ll see all of the changes evolve. It’ll be a slow process, but a steady one, and by now I’m sure that you’ve all heard the rumors of the corporate strings attached to this job and I’m here to let you know that they’re all so false! The only thing hangin’ around here are the ropes that are used to hang yourself, but other than that, the company is all good and ready for growth.

The lowrider world needs to get back on the block and all of us need to get together to ride it out. Again, I believe in it now more than ever, and after seeing the dedication and loyalty at the San Bernardino show, I’m willing to bet that we’re all die-hards waiting to ride out the storm.

By now you’ve already seen our “Back To Class” school girl cover and I’m sure that you’re lovin’ it. Flip through a few pages of the book and you’ll run into Eazy’s bad-ass candy apple red Cadillac. It’s “modded” with plenty of custom components and chrome. While we’re on the subject of riding and scraping, be sure to check out the 2007 Suspension Guide, which will give you the lowdown on all of the latest technology and high-tech gadgetry available for your ride. Remember that information is everything, so don’t get caught slippin’ and read on. Also included is coverage of our good friend Nick Hernandez’ Odessa, Texas, car show. They do it big down there and take no prisoners when it comes to hopping, showing or building custom lowriders.

We’d also like to congratulate and pay tribute to Jesse Valadez from Imperials Car Club, the recipient of our 2007 Lowrider Hall of Fame Lifetime Contributor Honor, along with Ricardo Alvarado of Oldies Car Club, who will receive the Leadership Honor. The celebration dinner and dance will be held October 20 at the Doubletree Hotel in Anaheim, California.

Sadly enough, it is with grief and sorrow that we announce the loss of yet another true pioneer of lowriding, “Big Rich” Gonzales, the founder of the Arizona chapter of Majestics Car Club. He’ll be missed but his memories, contributions and willingness to help will never be forgotten. Bless you all and ride in peace.Joe Ray