“Crazy” George Luna has been doing this lowrider thing every since he can remember. But the odyssey on this particular car began 13 years ago when George purchased this ’47 Chevy Country Sedan convertible. Not your usual choice for a bomb, but then again George is unique in many ways and this car is an extension of that. “I love it because it’s unique,” George says of the car. “Not the best, but unique and that’s my style.” We’d have to agree with George; the car certainly has nice lines and is an eyecatcher at the shows that we’ve seen it at.

George plunked down $17,000 for the car and became the second owner. George went to work researching every accessory that was available for the car that year and set out to find and install them all. Things like a banjo steering wheel, traffic light finder, GM tissue box, compass, vanity mirror and GM spotlight are just a few of the accessories that found their way onto the car. On anything this old, there were things that needed to be restored, and they were, but the car still runs on the original motor and tranny with 147,000 miles on it.

On any given weekend, you can find George out cruising the car with his fellow Viejitos Car Club members. Things and people come in and out of our lives, and unfortunately, George lost his father this past January, so he would like to dedicate this story to his father’s memory. Any future plans for the ’47, George? “Just keep it rolling,” he says.

Mr. Pachuco DosOwner: “Crazy” George Luna

Vehicle: ’47 Chevrolet Country Sedan convertible

City/State: Riverside, California

Club: Viejitos C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: Stock 216-c.i.d. in-line six

Body/Paint: The bodywork was done at Robles Body Shop in Riverside before the shop’s Jess sprayed the black acrylic enamel finish.

Interior: “OG Lalo” of Discount Upholstery in Riverside did some restoration work on the original interior.

Sound System: Motorola AM radio

Suspension: Stock

Tires: 5.60 Firestone

Wheels: 15-inch artillery