For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Me, My Name Is Joe Ray.I’ve been around the lowrider scene for most of my life and I’m also a member of a very established car club – Lifestyle. As the new Editor of Lowrider Magazine, it’s more important to mention the fact that I’m actually a part of two car clubs, and the bigger of the two clubs is the one that we’re all in together as lowrider advocates.

I’ve been around the industry as both a fan, spectator, car builder and business owner, and it’s given me a well-rounded approach and better understanding of the business, the culture and the lifestyle that lies behind it. In many ways, it’s given me a great outlook on where lowriding’s been, where it’s at and where it’s headed.

As a child, I remember studying the cars and appreciating their beauty, but with age came a bit more wisdom, and then I learned to appreciate the lines and the study of colors, as well as interesting and unique ways to meld them together and have them define not only a car, but an era, and a style unique to only lowriders.

As the new Editor of Lowrider Magazine, I’ll be sure to always put my best foot forward, and as with any challenge I’ve ever faced, I always manage to succeed and win. Interaction and swift execution of ideas has always been my specialty, and you can believe that you’ll see me taking a hands-on approach to helping build this magazine.

You’ll see me at the shows interacting, and if you ever feel the need to talk, then please feel free to approach me. I’m excited to meet the new members of my extended family and I’m open to suggestions, your praises, as well as your gripes. And in the absence of sounding like a bad pitch for class president, I really am here to make a difference and I’m sure you’ll see that I handle my business.

Lowriding has never been this strong, but for the first time ever it’s also experiencing a slower exponential growth. It’s a time that’s delicate, and a time where we either reinvent ourselves or fall short and be in the shadows of other styles of car customizing. The time is now for us to all become leaders of a new revolution and to help expand the culture that’s pushed us beyond all of our wildest imaginations. It’s also a time to regain the light that we deserve, and the same light that’ll help our true colors shine.Respectfully,Joe Ray