ICE-T is one of the OG gangster rappers who have paved the way for other West Coast artists in the music industry. With his raspy voice mixed with his true yet explicit lyrics, Ice-T is considered to be one of the few rappers who “keeps it hood” yet real to the streets.

Ice-T has been in the game since the creation of gangster rap. In 1991, Ice released his classic album O.G. (Original Gangster), which was said to be one of the defining albums in gangsta rap/hip-hop history. With that in mind, Ice-T is now working on his eighth record called Gangsta Rap (now in stores), which many believe will bring back the essence of original old school rap.

“I haven’t put out an album in six years,” says Ice. “My friends were all telling me that I should put something out there that will bring us back to the classic roots of gangster rap. This album has a lot of lyrics and information. It’s different from the new generation rappers who are out there now.”

Before the album actually dropped, the cover created major buzz in the streets. The cover shows a picture of Ice-T lying in bed with his beautiful wife, Coco, completely nude. “I wanted something to shock the public,” explains Ice. “How much gangster can you get? Every hustler’s dream is to wake up next to a beautiful woman after a long day in the streets. It’s a fantasy for some, however for me, it’s a reality. That’s why in this album I wanted to keep it as real as possible. I wanted to give my audience a glimpse into my personal life. The album cover reveals the truth which balances out with the record.”

Not only is Ice bringing himself back into the rap game, he’s also paving the way for his up and coming protg who goes by the name of Fedie DeMarco. Fedie’s a new artist who Ice is working with. He’s in his 20s and from Watts, California. Ice explains to Lowrider Magazine that Fedie’s different than most rappers in the industry. Fedie actually has something to “say,” or in other words, his lyrics reveal substance, rather than revealing catchy lyrics that reveal no meaning or relevance. “This cat delivers wisdom and knowledge about the streets,” says Ice. “He doesn’t just talk about money, cars and women, but he talks about real life.”

Not only has Ice-T completed his eighth album, but he’s also now going on his eighth season with the hit television series Law & Order. “Originally, I agreed to appear on four episodes, but now I’m working on my eighth season,” says Ice smiling. “Who knew that all of this could happen. It’s crazy.”

Ice-T’s been in the limelight for many years now. It seems as though each year Ice gains more fans and becomes more successful in any project that he puts his hands on. “It’s hard out here in this game,” he admits. “Do you know how many people can rap and sing out there? You’re lucky to get a break and you’re even luckier to get a hit song that people enjoy listening to. All I have to say is don’t quit your day job, because this business is more like a dream rather than just a simple task.” For more on Ice-T check out