Horacio Perez knows cars, bikes, trucks and, oh yeah, he may know something about restaurant management too. That’s because he owns one of the oldest and most respected Mexican restaurants in Corona, California, aptly named “El Torero” (“the bullfighter”).

We found this gem of a restaurant and owner while shooting Jorge Sanchez’ ’67 Chevy Caprice, the October ’06 center car. This quaint neighborhood hangout has people from all over SoCal coming to taste the infamous “burrelleno,” a combination of a burrito and a chili relleno. If you non-California residents ever visit California this is one delicacy that you should try. Yes, they’re that good.

Horacio’s love for everything automotive is evident with his immaculate ’89 Harley-Davidson Springer. Being a fan of the old school look, Horacio opted for a few mods such as the in-your-face custom 20-inch apehanger handlebars from 909 Choppers in Yucaipa, California.

The previous owner put some miles on the bike and it fared well, but Horacio wanted more. He contacted Tony at Morro’s American Iron in Corona, where Tony took the 1340-cubic-inch motor apart and massaged everything. New S&S carbs were added for that freeway on-ramp power. A new RevTech six-speed tranny gets this bar hopper up to speed on the busy freeways of Southern California.

Horacio and his partner in crime Chucky installed a custom “heritage” front fender to keep with the classic style. While they had the bike in the shop they installed Paughco custom fishtail-style pipes and they sound awesome.

Horacio told LRM that every week he would buy a new piece for the bike or have one sent out to be chromed like the new chrome swing arm. So six months and a few thousand dollars later the bike was starting to take shape.

With a new engine and tranny and most of everything chromed by Pomona, California-based Silvestre Polishing and Chrome, Horacio took the bike back to 909 Choppers and had paint god Preston lay down some custom paint. Not just any paint but a Cologne, Germany-made custom paint called Spies Hecker. This company is more than 120 years old and their paint is sold in 55 different countries.

Horacio chose two-tone beige over vanilla bean paint. Not only is the color cool, but it sounds delicious too. After the paint was dry, Horacio installed a custom brown leather seat courtesy of Sanitarium Cycles in Ontario, California. Factory 40-spoke wheels rolling on Dunlop MT 90 B-16 tires round out the look.

So the next the next time you’re in the Corona area and you want to look at a cool bike or you just have a craving for some fantastic Mexican food stop in at El Torero, ask Horacio about his hot bike and then say, “Can I get a burrelleno?”