When building or rebuilding a classic car, some people opt to restore them to original condition while others go off and fully customize the ride. Some even remove the original dash and build something new. It’s only a handful of builders who have actually taken what’s there and worked with it.

We originally never intended to do this tech; you can say that it just kind of happened. A good friend, Luis Lemus, asked for some help building a center console and we told him, “Let’s do it. We’ve helped build ’em before.” The only condition was that he had bring the car to the house so that we could work on it after a hard day at the Lowrider Editorial office and he agreed. We bought about $200 worth of supplies that were going to be needed, including lots of different size wood materials.

We started off by getting a set of seats and bolting them down. Somehow, we began talking about the how cool the dash would look if it were customized. After talking about it for a while, Luis asked us if we could build him a new custom dashboard and, like any tech editor worth his margarita salt, said “Let’s do it.” Luis gave us full control of the design and we began cutting the factory A/C dash.

The dash began coming together and we never turned back; just kept cutting and designing as we went along. The result is this custom dash. Luis’ car never received that center console but my dog Jimmy has a bitchin’ new doghouse built with the wood that was intended for the console. Now follow along as Wild Child Customs and House of Pain put things together.