Before you start to say, “hey, this isn’t a lowrider,” we’ll tell you that you’re right. This chopped ’50 Mercury might not strictly fall into the classic lowrider category, but it does qualify as a lowered Latino-owned custom classic originally from Detroit and custom built in California. That’s the Lincoln-Mercury side of Detroit, to be exact, which relates to our salute to Fords this month.

General Motors pretty much dominates the field for lowriders, especially in the bomb class, with the occasional old school Plymouth or Ford thrown into the mix. Granted, these non-GM vehicles are somewhat hard to find built lowrider style, but we’re always looking.

Which brings us to Victor Cacho of Sylmar, California. Being a full-time landscape contractor keeps Victor busy 24-7, but he still manages to find the time to build wild customs like this ’50 Mercury. Most of these Mercs were built hot-rod or rat-rod style, but what they have in common with traditional lowriders is that they both tend to roll low and slow. They also run hydraulics or, more recently, airbags, and some of them are even powered by Chevy small-blocks.

Victor has built several GM cars and has always liked the ’50s rod style. His son Butch had bought a model of a ’50 Merc long ago and said, “Let’s build a real one, Dad,” and that’s what they did. The chance to buy and build one was too much for Victor to pass up so he bought the old Mercury and the build was on. The Merc was already chopped, but still needed the required shave and French treatment that gives this classic beauty the look that we all love.

Victor told LRM that he wanted to say thanks to everyone involved with getting his project Mercury off of the ground, especially his two sons Butch and Richard. Given how nice this ride turned out, who knows what model car may become the next reality for the Cacho family?

Mercury RisingOwner: Victor Cacho

Vehicle: ’50 Mercury Custom

City/State: Sylmar, California

Club: No affiliation

Engine/Drivetrain: Master mechanic Dennis at D&S Automotive in San Fernando, California, installed a warmed-up 2003 small-block Chevy engine with an RV cam and lifters, and topped off with a chrome AFB 4-bbl. carb. Almost everything else got a taste of the chrome tank courtesy of Bumper Boys in Los Angeles, California. To help get the power to the 9-inch Ford rearend, a turbo 400 tranny provides the smooth shifts.

Body/Paint: The Merc was already chopped, but Robert Fuentes of Reseda, California, shaved the door handles, filled every hole and Frenched the lights, then covered the whole car with luscious coats of PPG Sunburst Orange.

Interior: Pedro in North Hollywood created the custom interior. Ford Probe seats were transformed into works of art as was a custom console housing Dolphin gauges. Pedro then covered the interior with yards of tan leather.

Sound System: A road trip to Valley Sounds in North Hollywood, California, resulted in ace audio expert Alfred installing a Kenwood sound system. Tweeters, mids and two big 10-inch subs powered by two multi-watt amps give the Mercury a bad-ass sound to match its looks.

Suspension: In order to roll low at a flick of a switch, Victor went to C&L Hydraulics in Sun Valley, California. There, a full airbag system was installed utilizing Firestone airbags and Viair 380 compressors. Master Image Customs provided the 5-gallon tanks, switches, gauges, air lines and all fittings. Troy of famed Hollywood HotRods in Burbank, California, was responsible for the Scott’s custom front end and disc brake setup, which allows Victor to stop on a dime, quarter, nickel and any other miscellaneous small change lying in the street.

Tires: 6.95/15 Firestone

Wheels: Stock with Cadillac hubcaps