Each month in “From the Hood” we bring you one of the sport’s hottest-looking engine compartments. This section highlights an engine that’s been customized and hooked up with performance parts as well as cosmetic components. From The Hood is broken down to include performance parts, pulleys and brackets, engine compartments, induction and ignition systems.

This month, we feature Juan Gonzalez’ ’65 Ford Thunderbird from Uce C.C. of Miami, Florida. Now everyone wants to be unique and Juan is no different. He decided that he would build a traditional lowrider but it had to be different. Juan’s customized ’65 T-bird came about by accident, when he spotted the vintage beauty rusting under a tree with a for sale sign on it. From the first moment that he saw the car, he realized its potential as a genuinely unique lowrider. He bought the car, towed it home and began a two-year effort, determined to add his own spin to the Ford classic.

Using the experience gained from his radical Ford Ranger pickup, Juan took on the challenge of customizing this ride. What Juan didn’t know about his ride was that the engine that he chose to customize is pretty much on its own platform and that parts are very limited. Juan updated mostly everything that he could, including adding spark to the engine’s combustion chambers using an MSD ignition system. He also had the complete engine compartment painted and chromed to match the exterior of the vehicle.

Ironically, it might have been easier for Juan to build his engine if he could have waited to see our Ford buyer’s guide elsewhere in this issue. If you feel that you have an engine worthy of our From the Hood section feel free to contact us at saul.vargas@primedia.com.