DumpsOwnerPaul Baltierra

Vehicle’79 Lincoln Mark V

City/StateLos Angeles, California

ClubLifestyle C.C.

When Paul started on his Lincoln he just wanted to roll with his fellow club brothers. It was all good for a while, but then while at a show he felt out of place. Paul knew that he was going to have to add to his street ride. Paul had a few ideas and started looking around for someone who could build what he wanted.

Paul talked to, or, should we say, had a few drinks with, Richard of Evergreen Hydraulics in Montebello, California, who took on the task of building the trunk compartment. When they were done drinking a case of beer that night, they agreed on redoing the existing setup that was already in there. Richard took a few weeks and the result was a well-pieced together hydraulics setup that would make any lowrider happy.

Richard replaced the front cylinders to ensure that there would be no leaks in the system and then moved on to the setup. The entire setup was given to Tim Rodriguez of R&R Restorations, who chrome plated and black nickel plated all of the parts. Since Paul came from the old school, Richard made sure to use old school Prestolite armatures and casings. The setup was completely taken apart and put back together to make sure that everything worked properly.

The result of some drinking and hanging out with Richard was a beautiful setup that features a unique look. Keep up the good work, Paul, and keep on drinking as you did tell us that you were working on the engine compartment next. Only time will tell how that project turns out.

BumpsOwnerVince Cruz

Vehicle’98 Lincoln Town Car

City/StateLakeland, Florida

ClubRollerz Only C.C.

While in Florida we spotted this clean ’98 Town Car that was playing an impressive sound system. We stopped and were impressed by the look of the setup which was done up for show. It also sounded good.

While we were taking pictures of the trunk, we started talking to Vince and he was telling us how his friends helped him build the trunk setup themselves. We were very impressed as we had thought that a professional shop had constructed the setup. Vince and his crew custom built a speaker box that holds 15-inch Kicker L-7 square subwoofers. They also molded a panel that houses Hi-Fonics amplifiers, including the visible Brutus class D amp that powers the subs. When they were done with the setup, they took the car to their buddy John’s shop where he wired up the system. John made sure that he didn’t scratch the painted to match panels that hold the equipment.

The install took Vince a month and a half to complete from start to finish. Vince tells us that they have plans to redo the trunk before the Tampa, Florida, Tour show. Good luck and we hope that it turns out as good as the first version.

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