So here we go again, another issue of Girls of Lowrider, bringing to you some of the hottest homegirls on this side of North America. Because of you, this magazine has taken off and made history here at Lowrider, selling like bottles of Patron in VIP at your favorite club. We promise to step up the quality and content, while always remembering to keep it hood. Yeah, we could go with some high fashion models, in couture clothing and in exotic locations, but is that what you wanna see? Somehow, I don’t think so. What we’ll do is to always take you somewhere slightly different and new.

Being given the reins of this magazine is both an honor and a challenge, one I hope to rise to. I plan on giving back to you as much as possible, and on that tip, Cerwin-Vega was nice enough to give us some T-shirts so we’re going to take care of a few of you. Check out our product/clothing spotlight on pages 14-16 to find out how to get one.

We’re also looking into hosting parties much like the one on page 70 that we were invited to. This will give you the chance to actually meet and party with some of the hot women that you see here on these very pages. LRM cover model Brittany came out and we had a blast. This issue’s cover model Lana is one hottie, and when we first shot her, we knew that we had a winner, so look to see her on page 18 as well as in the pages of Lowrider.

Lastly, thanks to each and every one of you who purchased this mag. We appreciate your support and if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to hit me up.

Till next issue…

“Don’t chase ’em, replace ’em”