Shameka – 1962 Chevrolet Impala

Pooh's '62 Became A Requiem For A Sister's Life Taken.

Sometimes in life you have to make lemonade out of lemons. With every life coming into the world there’s one leaving, and sometimes they leave sooner than we think they should. “Pooh” Ashley of Los Angeles, California, knows this from first-hand experience. In 1996, his 15-year-old sister Shameka lost her life. When Pooh started building this ’62 Chevy Impala he wanted to dedicate it to her memory. On any given Sunday, you can catch Pooh and his seven-year-old son Jordan and their dog cruising down the “Shaw,” rims shining and spinning in the SoCal sun and enjoying every moment.

Pooh’s dad had lowriders so it’s been in his blood from birth. Being a fan of Lowrider Magazine since he bought his first one in 1984, Pooh has been keeping up with all of the happenings and collecting them ever since. Reading all of those magazines you know that he had to know who to go to when it was time to build his ’62. Between that and the fact that he’s a member if Individuals C.C., the four-year build was a ride in itself, but it was all worth it.

From the beginning, Pooh knew that the car was going to be a driver, but wanted to make sure that it was still tight and would turn heads when he was out cruising. And when it was time to do some clowning, he had all of the necessary things done to ensure that the car would be able to take the hammering that it might from time to time get. Reinforced frame, eight batteries and plenty of chrome underneath make sure that the car can hang on all counts.

With projects like this, there are always plenty of people to thank and they all know who they are. Just know that when you see Pooh cruising he’s a man who appreciates the life that he has and remembers the lives in his life that he’s lost, but finds solace in his ’62 Impala, “Shameka.”

ShamekaOwner: “Pooh” and Jordan Ashley

Vehicle: ’62 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: Los Angeles, California

Club: Individuals C.C.-Los Angeles

Engine/Drivetrain: The Company in Bell, California, swapped out the stock motor for an ’84 Chevy 350. Connected to that is a Turbo 50 trans, while a Flowmaster exhaust makes sure that the sound is just right.

Body/Paint: Being in fairly good condition, “Cook” at The Company in Bell only had to deal with a couple of rust spots. The car was then smoothed and painted OEM white.

Interior: An interior upholstery kit was used to bring the interior back in the cut and looking flossy. Cook at The Company made it all happen.

Sound System: The sounds consist of a Kenwood head unit sending a signal to two Orion amps. A pair of kick pods in the front house a set of MB Quart and 6.5-inch separates and a set of 6.5-inch coaxials, along with a pair of JL Audio W6 10s residing on the back package tray. Alex of Los Angeles installed the system.

Setup: The eight-battery and two-pump setup gets a regular workout since Pooh drives the car fairly often and has been know to clown on folks if they’re not careful. The frame received a complete wrap and the undercarriage received its share of chrome plating. Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, California, did the work.

Tires: P175/80-R13 Hercules MRX Plus IV

Wheels: 13-inch Zenith wire wheels with white powdercoated rims and gray spokes