1966 Chevrolet Caprice – Callellero

David's "Street Roamer" '66 Caprice Is A Rolling Masterpiece

At first glance, you might steer clear of longtime lowrider David Renteria just because you don’t know if he’s friend or foe. His stature can be intimidating to those who’ve never crossed his path or heard his gentle demeanor. If David does hit you up, it’s most likely he’s selling his glass and metal engraving services. David’s a self-made businessman who’s been in the engraving biz for a couple decades now, earning the right and privilege of engraving the best lowriders on the planet.

But this little novel isn’t about David’s mad appearance, it’s about his latest crush-his ’66 Chevy Caprice with plenty of his own engraving. Aptly named “Callellero” (meaning “Street Roamer”) and long touted as the car that he’s been working on, David’s finally been able to tour it around town beyond making sales calls, mainly at car shows.

Who’s ever done with their car? David says that he’s still working on his, but we found it to be a cool casual cruiser, even though he’s not sporting a lowering kit, but plans are in the works. Nice and clean is the look of this ride, and to date, David has spent $8,000 in customizing effects. Little by little, you notice David’s detailed craft on things like the windshield wipers, door handles and interior window trim. Even the eyes in the rear-view mirror have a creative spooky look. It’s funny, but the car encompasses everything that David does in the glass and metal engraving craft-it’s simply another fine masterpiece of rolling art.

Owner: David Renteria

Vehicle: ’66 Chevrolet Caprice

Sport Coupe

City/State: Simi Valley, California

Club: Goodtimes C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: A rebuilt musclebound small-block ’66 327-c.i.d. engine breathes with a K&N air filter, 4-bbl. Edelbrock carburetor and manifold. The V-8 puts the horses to the ground via its stock headers and automatic 350 Turbo transmission. “It’s got balls,” says David.

Body/Paint: While the Impala body is much sleeker, the classier Caprice features a slightly more squared roof-line with lots of polished trimming. After buying the car from a retired neighbor, the ’66 was sent over to Classic Body (Granada Hills, California) for the full-body massage and a little paint. Thanks go to Lisa at Simi Paint (Simi Valley) who mixed a batch of PPG black cherry and to Tyrone for applying it in drip-free layers.

Interior: Callellero displays a painted original dashboard with a small “smile now, cry later” emblem on the center console between the buckets seats. Cruising in comfort is easy with peanut butter-colored vinyl and cloth trimmed with special clear piping and gold wire inserts. Doobies Automotive (Simi Valley) performed the upholstery installation.

Sound System: Sometimes simplicity cures complications so David installed a simple yet quality Pioneer AM/FM/CD player with Earthquake 6×9 speakers within easy reach under the dash. A yellow-top Optima battery powers the stereo system and Streetwire power cables connect the stereo for easy listening. Rob’s Stereo Installs (Simi Valley) handled the job to the tune of a couple hundred bucks.

Suspension: Stock until David’s van gets fixed, otherwise N/A.

Tires: P175/75-R14 Maxxum radials

Wheels: 14×7 Special Edition 100-spoke L.A. Wires