1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Casador II

Nasario's Unique '70 Monte Carlo Is The Definition Of Royalty In Lowriding

It was only three years ago when Nasario and Hugo Bastida came across this ’70 Chevy Monte Carlo for a little more than a thousand dollars. Their intent was to fix up this “fixer-upper” as a side hobby, but after some time, the M.C. was at the Uniques Customs shop a little too long for Hugo and he lost interest. Nonetheless, Nasario wanted to finish what was started and, as things went along smoother than expected, his interest to really turn this ride inside out took over.

The new direction for the Monte Carlo was to go to the top! An award-winning show car was the goal in mind, and with whatever customizations were done to the car, Nasario made sure that it was done with quality. Nasario, being the president of Uniques Car Club’s seven chapters, had a plethora of connections within the lowriding community (many within his own car club) to get things done right.

Under the hood and beneath the vehicle, Nasario left nothing out when it came to chrome plating. “Vidal” of Polish & Chrome in Pomona, California, was kept busy plating and dipping just about all of the suspension components, engine accessories, bumpers, moldings and bezels. The entire hydraulic suspension system and its “life lines” (done in hard-lines) were also done in chrome finishes.

An engine bay with every detail attended to features chrome accessories, chrome flex hoses, mirrored firewall and custom-cut valve covers with the words “Unique Sport” along the tops. In the trunk, the double-whammy hydraulic pump floats above two 12-inch woofer speakers and a custom-designed trunk flooring with a mirrored Chevrolet logo. In a similar fashion, this ride’s interior is matched in the same tweed material on the seats, door panels, walls, headliner and dashboard. A clean sound system provides the tunes during the cruises to the car shows and the stock 2004 Jaguar mint green color was sprayed for the body’s exterior color. A detailed ghost mural was airbrushed on the trunk in an eye-catching green that seems to really “pop” when the sun hits it.

Nasario has definitely achieved his goal with this ride after investing more than $15,000. He tells LRM that he has taken home more than 12 trophies from car shows, including a Second Place award at the 2005 Las Vegas Super Show. He sends a big thanks to his whole family and all of the Uniques C.C. members for their help and support in building “Casador II.” Nasario says that he’s happy with the Monte the way that it is and will probably do nothing more to it for now. Besides, he tells us that this car can be seen as a preview to his next project: a ’62 Chevy Impala convertible. That ride, he says, will be cover car status. After seeing what Nasario did with this Monte Carlo, we bet that his Impala will live up to that promise!

Owner: Nasario Bastida

Vehicle: ’70 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

City/State: Orange, California

Club: Uniques C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: ’72 327-c.i.d. V-8 with Edelbrock valve covers, polished intake, chrome alternator, pulleys, water lines and headers. The engine builder was Pablo Rufino of Auto Expo in Santa Ana, California.

Body/Paint: Jaime Valdez of Unique Auto Detail in Victorville, California, was the man put in place for overseeing all bodywork and paint. Mint green paint of a 2004 Jaguar vintage was sprayed before Angelo Maisano of Long Beach, California, laid down some elegant pinstriping. “Japo” of San Bernardino, California, airbrushed a “gangsta-style” mural featuring a bandanna-print rag over the face of a gun-wielding youngster. The name of the car and other deadly details like skulls, guns and money are also depicted.

Interior: For interior makeover needs, Nasario turned to Alfredo “Tapiz” of Tapiz Upholstery in Santa Ana. It was there that the classic ride received a new tweed interior. The door panels feature molded contour shapes and the seats received embroidered crowns to show devotion to the Uniques Car Club.

Sound System: Good friend Tom helped out with the buildup of this M.C. by taking good care of the audio entertainment section of the car. Out of his own house in Santa Ana, Tom installed a Panasonic head unit, two Audiobahn amplifiers, two Pioneer tweeters, four 6×9 speakers and two 12-inch Audiobahn woofers.

Setup: A very unique (no pun intended) hydraulic setup was installed on this ride to allow the up and down altitude control at the hit of a switch. A whammy chrome pump in the trunk has chrome hard-lines that follow their way to the rear 10-inch cylinders. Surprisingly, the front pump is actually found in the engine bay near the passenger side firewall. Two hard-lines from that pump make their way to the front 8-inch cylinders. A total of four deep-cycle batteries power the setup, which sits on 2-ton springs in the front and 2.5-ton springs in the rear. Nasario himself is the one responsible for the installation, doing it all out of his own Uniques Customs shop in Santa Ana.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Champion LeMans whitewall

Wheels: 13×7 Kristal wires