Over the past few years there hasn’t been an issue of Lowrider Magazine that’s been void of a ’63 or ’64 Chevy Impala. These cars have become the staple ride of the lowrider community and the favored car for customizers involved in the lifestyle that we all love. While a majority of these ’63s and ’64s sport candy paint and chrome, some of our personal favorites are the cars that fall in the range of browns and golds. These classic cars look good in just about any color, but nothing adds to an old classic like the aforementioned golden brown hues.

“Fuentes De Oro,” the name of the badass ’63 that you see here, belongs to Victor Melano Fuentes of East Los Angeles, California. This Stylistics Car Club creation embodies everything luxurious and rich in nature. It’s got the perfect combination of colors, and the use of gold and chrome make it stand out amidst the competition.

The timeless lines of this ’63 are equally matched by a paint job of no compare. Now when it comes to detail, Victor left nothing untouched. The frame was wrapped and molded, and each corner of the Impala was precisely detailed and either chromed-out or color-matched. Victor’s inspiration for building the vehicle was “Touch of Gold,” a ’63 Impala convertible also from Stylistics C.C. This was the car that really set it off for Victor, and after searching high and low for a hardtop platform to work on, he found one for $5,000.

Being that Victor was from the Stylistics, he had no choice but to rep his club to the fullest and that’s exactly what he did. The amount of detail work on his ride is second to none, and the entire car has a very majestic gangster appeal that’s backed by performance to match. Underneath the hood, Victor opted for a new and more reliable powerplant, which is why he went with a ‘90 5.7-liter Chevy V-8. It’s mated to a Powerglide transmission, which relays all power to a set of Icon wire wheels that were hammered into position.

It was always Victor’s dream to show his ride, and he realized that dream before his untimely passing. Victor left behind a timeless treasure, which will forever bear his name, show his creativity and display his legendary passion and flair for life. In closing, the Lowrider family would like to not only pay our respects to a man of stellar reputation, but also bid farewell to an outstanding member of the lowrider community.

Owner: Victor Melano Fuentes

Vehicle: ’63 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: East Los Angeles, California

Club: Stylistics C.C.-Los Angeles

Engine/Drivetrain: A ‘90 Chevy 350 5.7-liter with chrome intake, pulleys and headers was built by Victor and Jorge in East L.A. and mated to a Powerglide transmission and chrome dual exhaust.

Body/Paint: Jr. and “Yoya” at J&R in East L.A. did it all, first stripping and blocking the entire body, then applying DuPont mocha brown paint with patterned fadeaways in matching pearls on the roof. “David the Striper” from CA Designs in Norco, California, handled the pinstriping while the top was done by “Tall Frank” in Lynwood, California. The gold plating was carried out by Juan at Golden Plating in Santa Fe Springs, California, while the chrome dipping duties were done by Daniel and Danny at D&G Polishing in Long Beach, California.

Interior: J&R also redid the insides, using the stock pattern.

Sound System: “Negro” and Jorge hooked up an at-home East L.A. installation with a Kenwood head unit, Lanzar 1100 and 2200 amps, Lanzar tweeters and mids, and 12-inch JL Audio W6 subwoofers.

Setup: Tony at Backyard Boogie in L.A. juiced the ’63 with a two-pump hydro setup featuring Marzocchi gears, four Italian dumps, aluminum blocks, 8-inch (front) and 12-inch (rear) cylinders, 4-ton (front) and 2-ton (rear) springs, four switches, eight solenoids, eight Trojan batteries and #8 hoses. The entire Canadian X-frame was wrapped, reinforced and molded. Victor and Jorge worked all of the undercarriage mods at home in East L.A.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Hankook

Wheels: 13×7 Icon wires