Louie Lopez of Sylmar, California, and his ’47 Plymouth Deluxe go way back. Now 47 years old, Louie’s owned the car since he was 15, when he picked it up for $175. “I always saw the car while walking to school and I would ask the owners if they would sell it to me,” remembers Louie, taking a trip down memory lane. “They always said no, until one day they finally gave in.”

Louie painted his Plymouth black and cruised it proudly for years. “I had it for 21 years until I sold it to another member of Oldies Car Club,” he recalls. “Then, 10 years later, I ended up buying it back. In one year, I took it apart, along with my son Adam and other helpers along the way.”

Louie and crew did a full frame-off restoration. The Plymouth now sports Jaguar Red paint with candy apple red powdercoating and gold leafing on the undercarriage. The pay-off was First Place awards at Lowrider Magazine Tour shows in San Bernardino, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

So what’s next for Louie and his ’47 Plymouth? Well, he doesn’t plan on selling it again, but he’s thinking about chrome wheels and suspension parts, as well as possibly painting the car black. We think that it looks hot in Jaguar Red, but then again, you can’t beat a bomb in basic black. Either way, we expect to see more of Louie and his ’47 Plymouth. After all, they share a lot of history.

Passion Plymouth
Owner: Louie Lopez
Vehicle: ’47 Plymouth Deluxe
City/State: Sylmar, California
Club: Oldies C.C.
Engine/Drivetrain: The owner and Raul Perez rebuilt the stock 218-c.i.d. flathead engine, adding chrome-plated (thanks to Astro Chrome in North Hollywood, California) and powdercoated pieces. They also rebuilt the stock three-speed transmission for smooth acceleration.
Body/Paint: The ’47’s curves were covered with Jaguar Red paint by Frank Navarro in Acton, California. Conejo Pinstriping in Sylmar did their thing.
Interior: Ruben’s Upholstery in San Fernando, California, gets the credit for the original tan upholstery.
Sound System: Adam Lopez made sure that his dad’s old cruiser was equipped with some modern audio gear. Now Louie can rock the old school tunes with a Pioneer head unit, a pair of JL Audio amps, and Infinity and Sony speakers.
Suspension: Louie’s talented son Adam also hooked up his dad’s ride with a hard-lined one-pump, two-switch airbag setup. Louie himself got down on the suspension, adding candy apple red powdercoating and gold leaf.
Tires: 5.60 Firestone wide whitewalls
Wheels: Stock with hubcaps