Luis Lupercio is the proud owner of this piece of history. Well, let’s think about what was going on in 1935. It was the year that Elvis Presley was born, our beloved board game Monopoly was created and we were in the midst of the Great Depression; quite an irony, but we digress. It was also the year that this very fine ’35 Chevy Master Deluxe was originally built. The vehicle was discovered by Luis almost 60 years later when he came across it in the Old Car Trader.

One consideration was that the car was in Texas and Luis’ Arleta, California, address is some 1,400 miles away. For Luis, this was but a mere drop in the bucket, being a truck driver by trade. With only the pictures to go by, Luis made the drive, and upon his arrival, found that the car was complete, but in a little worse shape than originally anticipated. After $5,000 traded hands, it was back home for a 16-month build that proved to be well worth it from the looks of the photos here.

The car called “Bad Situation” was restored to like-new condition and the owner himself did some of the work, rebuilding and assembling the engine. Having grown up in lowriding from bikes to models to the real thing, Luis knows all too well about attention to detail. Still owning more than 40 of those models, Luis can surely say that he owns a one-to-one scale classic with this ’35.

Bad Situation

Owner: Luis Lupercio

Vehicle: ’35 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

City/State: Arleta, California

Club: Oldies C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The Stock ’35 straight-six was rebuilt by the owner in his garage. A dual straight-pipe exhaust expels all gases and a Synchromesh three-speed transmission gets it moving.

Body/Paint: Frank Navarro of Frank’s Paint and Body in Acton, California, performed the extensive bodywork. Old school enamel was used to paint the vehicle beige with military green fenders and accents. Astro Plating in Sun Valley, California, looked after the chrome pieces.

Interior: The interior was restored using the same original material, which was mohair. A flashlight, travel record mirror and factory owner’s manuals complete the like-new restoration.

Sound System: The sound of gears grinding as you shift.

Suspension: Stock

Tires: 5.50×17 BFGoodrich Silvertown

Wheels: 17-inch artillery