For your average kid, building a lowrider is a dream come true. In the case of Pablo Gonzales Jr. from Eagle Pass, Texas, this young man always wanted a lowrider bike to be able to cruise around his neighborhood and take to lowrider shows. One day, Pablo decided to ask his dad, Pablo Sr., if he would help him build a lowrider bike and his dad agreed, but only if young Pablo helped build a new addition to their house. Knowing a good deal when he hears one, Pablo quickly agreed to help out on the home addition, and both projects were on.

After a several days of working hard on the house, Pablo’s dad came home with a purple lowrider bike that he had purchased in Rockwall, Texas. “I’ll never forget that day when he got home,” says Pablo. That very day, Pablo and his dad started to tear apart the bike and sand it down because Pablo was anxious to finish his bike. When they would take a break from the house addition, Pablo and his dad worked on the bike’s modifications and the fabrication of custom parts.


One day, while out of town on business, Pablo Sr. found a skeleton hand, which he brought home. Pablo decided to mold the hand into the center post of the bike and he came up with the name “Back From The Grave.” The skeleton theme flows throughout the bike with custom-made skeleton hands gripping the front wheel as part of the hand-brake system.

Once the fabrication of the bike was done, the metal and Bondo work started. After a few weeks of work, the bike was ready for paint. The frame was sent to master painter Isidro Juarez in Eagle Pass, who laid down custom candy paint with graphics and pinstriping for a unique look.

Pablo is proud of the finished bike and has entered it at various shows in Texas, where it has taken numerous awards and trophies. Pablo would like to thank everyone who helped with the bike, especially his dad for making his dream come true. We bet that the family’s house looks better too, since they finished that addition.