This 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic rumbling out of San Bernardino, California, is Michael Temple’s “dirty girl.” But in your life, you gotta have some kind of balance, and the love of Michael’s life is his six-year-old daughter Desmend. His “baby girl” picked out the bike and said that she wants the bike when she learns how to ride. She’ll probably have a tug of war with her brother Miguel and their mother Sandra, but in the end everyone will be happy. Michael knows how to keep them all satisfied, while still having his cake and eating it too.

Michael’s wife had a hand in making the bike happen. They were going to leave the bike stock for a year before they started to customize it, but one month after its purchase, Mike couldn’t take it anymore and decided to start making it all happen. Starting with the exhaust, the bike got some well-needed rap with the addition of a Samson 32-inch Silver Bullet fish-tail muffler to the 1,450cc motor. With the sound aspect taken care of, it was time to look at the suspension. Being a lowrider kinda guy, the suspension had to be adjustable.

For ride height control and comfort, an air ride system was added to the motorcycle by California Riders in Redlands, California. Now laying the bike out for posing happens at the flick of a switch. The side-view mirrors were just plain boring, so a set of Drag Specialties flamed teardrop side mirrors with sculpted stems and matching grips were add for comfort and good looks. A set of bars creates a whole other stance for the rider (whoever in the family that might be).

With a great stock color like this black cherry pearl, all that was necessary for the Harley was a good dose of pinstriping. The tank and fenders received all of the love that they needed from Mike Shartel of Shartel Pinstriping in Victorville, California, which visually take the bike to the next level.

“Cochina” should have been that dirty little secret that every man wants to keep hidden. Instead, Michael’s bike turned into a family affair, one that they can all be proud of.