Hater Proof – 1964 Chevy Impala Convertible

Take one look at this 1964 and you can see why Vinnie stays hater free.

Among the white sandy beaches, marshy swamps of the everglades, the bright lights of South Beach, and the high rises of downtown, Miami, Florida, definitely lives up to its hype. The “Magic City” has a few more tricks up its sleeve as you can see with Vinnie Zorilla’s ’64 Chevy Impala. Vinnie is not just into building top-notch lowriders; you can get a bad bike built by him too at his shop Hardcore Cycles. Anyone who has seen this fine “four” in person will tell you that it’s one hardcore piece of automotive machinery, and Vinnie has the trophies to prove it.

It was the crew over at Bowtie Connection South in Miami that took the lead in this project. “Hater Proof” was taken down to the frame and re-built to what you see today. The hydraulics are one of the most noticeable upgrades; Bowtie Connection South dropped in the setup for accurate switch hitting when Vinnie’s swangin’ on the boulevard.

The Bowtie guys also took over the engine compartment, chroming everything that they could and even painting the valve covers and air filter housing. Before they dropped the newly rebuilt Chevy powerplant, they picked up a Powerglide transmission, which is perfect for shifting gears while shifting lanes. They took the ’64 to Auto Club in Miami, where they laid down the smooth all-black PPG paint job for a finishing touch.

It was just about time to hit the local car shows in Southern Florida, but there were just a few more loose ends to tie up first. A clean black vinyl original pattern interior was laced into the seats by Joey at Classic Re-Creations in Miami.

Bowtie Connection South again came into play, putting in a pounding four-sub sound system for Vinnie to play his favorite tunes. Larry at Action Plating dipped the chrome pieces to make sure that everything shines just right.

Although the guys in Miami made it look that way, nothing about building a ride this clean is easy. It took a lot of time and hard work, and of course some of that green stuff that keeps a project going. Vinnie put down more than $15,000 on his ride, but we would say that it was an investment well worth it. Vinnie definitely agrees and that’s something that you just can’t hate on.

Hater Proof

Owner: Vinnie Zorilla

Vehicle: 1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible

City/State: Miami, Florida

Club: No affiliation

Engine/Drivetrain: The guys at Bowtie Connection South in Miami rebuilt the original motor and added street and performance pulleys, as well as painting the valve covers and air filter black.

Body/Paint: Auto Club in Miami sprayed the Impala in all-black PPG paint from top to bottom. Interior: Joey at Classic Re-Creations in Miami recovered the original seats in OG black vinyl.

Sound System: Bowtie Connection South got down on the sounds. First, they made a custom subwoofer box, which was built into the rear seat but cannot be seen. Then, they hooked up four 10-inch subs to the box for a pounding presentation.

Setup: The suspension was built from the frame up to make sure that everything not only looked tight, but was built right. Again the crew at Bowtie Connection South put things together by installing three custom Red’s Hydraulics pumps and four chrome square dumps. All chrome fittings and chrome faucet slow-down valves are connected to polished hard-lines that provide the plumbing for the setup. Eight batteries provide all of the power that Vinnie needs to get up and down while he’s hitting any of his four switches wired up under the dash.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Champion

Wheels: Black dish and chrome spoke with black nipple rims accompany the ’64. Some custom engraved chrome two-bar knockoffs finish off the ride.