It was three years ago when 30-year-old “Large” of Low Lyfe Car Club in Leisure City, Florida, found this ’64 Chevy Impala SS Hardtop. “I came across the vehicle through a friend of a friend who was selling it because the motor was about to blow,” recalls Large. “I paid him $5,500 [which the seller took as a joke] and it blew on my way home!”

Large, an employee of Bowtie Connection South in Miami, Florida, has been lowriding for 13 years, so he was undaunted by the engine failure and decided to keep the car. “In Miami, a lot of people start projects and claim to be bringing something out for everybody, but they never do,” said Large. “People doubted that my car would ever see the streets again, but I was out to prove them wrong.”However, it wasn’t easy. The makeover took $155,000 and the talents of the team at Bowtie Connection South, Bowtie Connection West, Homies Hydraulics and other artisans to bring the now immaculate Impala to its present level. “I also owe a special thanks to everyone at Bowtie, Homies, Red’s, MA Audio, ABS Brakes, Low Lyfe Car Club, South Side Car Club and the Jones family,” adds Large.


So what does Large plan to do with his hardtop now that it’s finished? Cruise the streets of Miami, of course. He adds, “Dade County, 305… this one’s for you!”

OWNER: “Large”
VEHICLE: ’64 Chevrolet Impala SS
CITY/STATE: Leisure City, Florida
CLUB: Low Lyfe C.C.
ENGINE/DRIVETRAIN: Fully chromed and detailed ’86 Corvette 350-c.i.d. V-8 built by Freddy, Chris and Mike at Bowtie Connection South (Miami, Florida), and wired by “Fuzzy” at Bowtie Connection West (San Pedro, California). Features include a molded and candy magenta-painted block (and Optima battery); chrome, gold and engraved tuned port injection system; Street & Performance serpentine drive system; chrome valve covers; headers; Flowmaster mufflers; alternator; smog pump; A/C compressor and all brackets; plus stainless steel hard-lines and a custom billet brake reservoir. The engine’s mated to a molded and candy magenta-painted 700R transmission, with a chrome telescoping driveshaft and a molded candy magenta, chrome and gold-engraved differential. All chrome and gold plating was done by Robert Arroyo of Action Plating in Miami. Hernan D’Aloia of Hernan’s Custom Engraving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, did the engraving.
BODY/PAINT: Molded one-piece bumpers, chrome gas tank, shaved emblems, twin antennas and a sunroof was done by Chris “Gringo” Stull of Bowtie Connection South. The ’64 was painted by Gringo and patterned by Jason Yunis using a custom mix of House of Kolor pink, magenta, violet and orange. Accent stripes on the body, engine compartment, transmission and third member are by Clay’s Pinstriping in Miami, with murals by Fonzy of Montebello, California.
INTERIOR: Suede and leather upholstery stitched by Freddy at Bowtie Connection West, with suede carpet, suede and leather floor mats and door panels, suede headliner, molded chrome and suede center console, billet dash inserts with gold engraving, Dakota Digital instruments, power windows, NOS child-proof locks and a gold and leather Billet Specialties steering wheel.
SOUND SYSTEM: Installed by “Gordo” at Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, California, the system features an Alpine AM/FM/CD head unit, 600-watt MA Audio amp, 1,000-watt MA Audio amp, chrome MA Audio 5-farad capacitor, MA Audio DVD player with two 7-inch monitors, two MA Audio tweeters, four MA Audio mids and three MA Audio subwoofers.
SETUP: Freddy, Chris, Ben and Mike at Bowtie Connection South fully wrapped, molded and painted the frame and assembled the setup using four engraved chrome and gold Red’s pumps with engraved gold steel “big blocks,” three chrome Adex dumps, faucet handle slow-downs, stainless steel hard-lines, four Prestolite solenoid blocks, four Optima batteries and four switches under the dash. The setup was installed by Anthony Fuentes of Homies Hydraulics on a custom bowtie-shaped pump rack. Two Red’s 8-inch chrome cylinders with Red’s 311/42-ton chrome springs were installed up front with a pair of Red’s 10-inch chrome cylinders and Red’s 311/42-ton chrome springs in the rear. Also featured are engraved chrome and gold disc brakes (from ABS Brakes), molded front control arms, molded panhard bar and molded trailing arms.
TIRES: P155/80-R13 Triumph skinny whitewall
WHEELS: 13×7-inch 25th Anniversary Dayton wires with magenta spokes, chrome rims and gold engraved knockoffs and center caps