In the world of lowriders these days, it’s not uncommon for cars to pass between hands, especially in car clubs where there are as many members as the Lifestyle clan of Los Angeles. One of the more venerable clubs in “East Los,” the club has the rep of having some of the best lowriders on terra firma. So when someone has the opportunity to grab up a ride like this here Cadillac, well, it’s only a matter of time and money before someone has the latest ride to “bust out.”

Louie Serrano of San Gabriel, California, is one such cat, having cut his teeth on mini-trucks in the early ’90s and “graduating” to traditional lowriders. Louie picked up this ’83 Cadillac Brougham for a meager $1,500. Meager since he’s put about $10-grand into his “Hustle & Flow” mobile. Louie took it off his friend Nacho’s hands when the former owner lost interest in it. Nacho hooked up a Chevy Impala ragtop for his new project.

With the efforts of people like his wife and kids, Angel, Gilbert, Frank, Rick, Phillip, Romel and Lifestyle compatriots, Louie, who deals with a high-end coffee business, was able to brew up one hell of a street car.

TechspecsHustle & FlowOwner: Louis “Louie” Serrano

Vehicle: ’83 Cadillac Brougham

City/State: San Gabriel, California

Club: Lifestyle C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The engine is a stock 4.1-liter powerplant; nothing fancy, just plain dependable, which is fine by Louie.

Body/Paint: The Cadillac had some mild work done to it by Gilbert Melendez of We Customs in San Gabriel. The top has been shaved and molded, and a moonroof was added, while the nose received a facelift using a Euro clip and new moldings. Gilbert shot the car with House of Kolor materials; blues, purple and lavenders make up the fabulous paint job. Adding to the mix is some cool line work by pinstriper Angelo Maisano of Long Beach, California. Oh, and check out the mini murals from artist Rick Munoz of Monterey Park, California, on both the doorjambs and trunk jambs. Nice work, guys.

Interior: The fresh interior is from the hands of Romel of Romel Upholsteries in Pasadena, California. The interior is made up of custom bucket seats, custom fabricated rear and trunk panels, all covered in tweeds.

Sound System: Phillip of We Customs installed the entertainment portion of the car by using a Clarion head unit, Orion amplification and a mix of MB Quart and JL Audio speakers. A 7.1-inch monitor keeps all operations in check when the audio system is fired up.

Setup: We Customs also hooked up the hydros by using a pair of anodized aluminum pumps paired with Delta dumps. The two-switch system is wired to a half-dozen solenoids and six 31-series NAPA batteries. The front features #8 hoses and 8-inch strokes while the rear of the Cadi can lock up on 10-inch cylinders with #6 hoses. Richard Jacquez of Evergreen Hydraulics in Montebello, California, did a respectable job in beefing up the chassis with torch in hand and metal in the other.

Tires: Premium Sportway

Wheels: Custom 14-inch wires built by fellow club member Warren Wong