“I built the car for Vegas,” answers Jose Barba of San Fernando Valley, California. That’s the first think that he piped in when asked why he built his latest beauty of a ride. The Las Vegas, Nevada, Super Show is a big deal to many in the world of lowriders–the “Mecca,” if you will, of the best that can be found in the sport. If one wanted to make a name for himself this would be the place to do it. This is probably the best ride from Jose whose cars have come out in LRM since the late ’80s. The first two were of the open-bed variety; an ’85 Chevy Silverado dubbed “La Prieta,” and an ’84 Chevy El Camino called “Hozerz Back” kept him busy in the earlier years of his lowrider life.

Jose is a very busy man, owning his own landscaping company and handling a crew of men, but the love of lowriders is strong in him and he’s out to make a statement with his latest ride, “El Amo” (“The Master” in English). The ’63 Chevy Impala Super Sport took some five years to build and lots of hard-earned dollars to finance all of the creative people who had a hand in the super car. That meant getting in touch with painter and lowrider Maclovio “Mac” Garcia, who’s built some killer rides, and Mr. Walt Prey, who’s no stranger to striping lowriders and custom cars. Both men, along with the hydro gurus at C&L Hydraulics, helped build a wonder ride that will eventually be passed down to Jose’s young son Ricky to enjoy. What a great dad, huh, guys?

So sit back and wonder at the splendor of this Super Sport. Many of you won’t be able to attend the Las Vegas extravaganza, but at least you can browse through the pages of America’s number one lowrider magazine and freak on rides such as El Amo.

El Amo
Owner: Jose Barba
Vehicle: ’63 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport
City/State: San Fernando Valley, California
Club: Premier C.C.
Engine/Drivetrain: The duo of Mark Miller and Rudy Hadinoto at J.R. Auto Service in Bellflower, California, took the OG 283-c.i.d. engine to the hilt by using a mild Crane cam, billet valve covers, chrome pulleys, chrome air filter and hard lines to the custom aluminum radiator. There’s even a custom 605 gearbox for extra points and pizzazz.
Body/Paint: One of the body mods on the car is found under the hood in the form of a shaved firewall. Ricardo Munoz of Richard’s Customs in Northridge, California, smoothed out the wall for a clean look before handing it over to Maclovio “Mac” Garcia of Northridge Auto Body in Northridge, California. Mac used black bases, pearls and chameleon paints, along with purple and burgundy colors for an amazing finish. The killer pinstripe work comes from line master Walt Prey, who resides in Simi Valley, California. Walt ran his brushes along the various panels of the Super Sport for a firme embellishment.
Interior: Inside we find black leather with purple suede inserts on the bucket seats. We also find something unique to a lowrider–carbon fiber along the dash and center console. Some people did a double-take on the detail, but Henry’s Customs in Monrovia, California, pulled off the look without a hitch. Oh, and check out the chrome Ididit tilt steering column capped with a billet steering wheel that’s been modified to fit the Super Sport theme. Ace Plating in Chatsworth, California, and the Bumper Shop in Los Angeles, California, took care of the chrome found on such parts as the billet pedals.
Sound System: Henry’s Customs also gets credit for the audio setup, which is made up of an Alpine head unit, Alpine monitor, Kicker and Alpine speakers and HiFonics amplification.
Setup: >The super suspension work comes from the “Chino” dudes at C&L Hydraulics in San Fernando, California, who installed the impressive double-whammy tank with Adex dumps. The custom setup also includes 8-inch cylinders in front and 10s in the rear for a fierce lock-up. Two-ton coils help move the SS for front, back and corner to corner. The electrical “juice” for the setup comes from six deep-cycle marine batteries. The chassis has been semi-reinforced and the upper and lower A-arms have modified for a better stance. The undercarriage also features custom stainless steel brake lines, new gas tank and various anodized parts.
Tires: Winston radial
Wheels: 13×7 wheels featuring chrome, gold and purple anodized laces