When it comes to building cars for competition there is always someone out there ahead of the game. So what do you do? Purchase one of the hottest cars on the market and build it to get respect and make it stand out from the rest. That was the case with the owner of this 2003 Nissan 350Z. Being the vice president of Icon-TV may help you a bit, but it won’t guarantee taking Best of Show. So when Dave decided to build a show car worthy of sporting the Icon-TV logo it had to make heads turn and necks twist. The team at Icon-TV put their heads together on the transformation of the car that was going to represent them. It was decided that TV screens would be the main focus of the vehicle so a total of 22 screens adorn the entire interior and one even replaced the license plate!

The color scheme had to be breathtaking as well, so the Icon-TV team custom mixed PPG copper paint and added custom airbrush work to simulate sheet metal with rivets. The custom interior came from the masterminds of Icon-TV and Stitchcraft. Mixing suede and fiberglass, the custom enclosure give the screens and stereo system a unique look. With tons of accessories and extra time to spare, the car was on its way to taking names at the import car scene. So when you see this Z driving around, make sure that you check it twice. Z end!

VITALS: Owner: Dave Fernandez @ Icon-TV
Vehicle: 2003 Nissan 350Z
City/State: Alhambra, California
Club: No affiliation
PAINT & BODY MODS: The Z received the craziest wide body available on the market and custom paint mixed by Classic Metal Works. The paint scheme consists of a copper body and gray graphics that look like sheet metal to give it its strong look.
INTERIOR: The interior was taken apart by the masters at Stitchcraft who took the stock pieces and wrapped them in gray suede. Countless hours of manpower were added to the car to make its unique look. The guys at Icon-TV fiberglassed the center console to make new homes for the screens that adorn the car. The trunk of the car includes a fiberglass enclosure to secure the system from getting tossed around and add extra points to the scoreboard.
RIMS & RUBBER: The 350Z rides with style with matching color Dazz wheels wrapped in P345/125-R20 Pirelli tires.
AUDIO/VIDEO: The car is a driving theater with more than 22 Icon-TV screens from 6.5 to 13 inch. The tedious job of installing the screens was done by the guys at Icon-TV. An Icon-TV DVD player transmits the images to all of the screens, while the Xtant woofers, mids and highs bring the action to your ears.